Interior Design 341

DSNI 341: Interior Design Internship

Prerequisite: DSN 340, DSNI 305, DSNI 355, DSNI 375; 2.5 in-major GPA, passing Portfolio Review

Credit Hours: (2)

Course includes 120 hours of field experience in an interior design internship approved by the Departmental Internship Committee and 10 hours of experience within a community service organization approved by internship coordinator; two semester hours required.

Note(s): This course may be repeated for no more than 8 semester hour’s credit (2,2,2,2). A grade of Pass/Fail is awarded by the departmental internship coordinator. Students cannot receive credit for both DSNI 392 and DSNI 341.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course provides an experiential learning opportunity.  Through the application of basic principles previously learned in the discipline, the student obtains career related skills and knowledge. Specific content to be determined by the student, internship provider and the departmental internship coordinator.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course provides the student with on-the-job experiences in a specific area of his/her discipline.  The student will work under the supervision of an on-site supervisor and the departmental internship coordinator. This class also provides:

1.) Exposure to a variety of business, organizational, and familial structures. (2e)
2.) Opportunities for public and community service. (7j)
3.) Opportunities to develop critical listening skills. (4i)

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will demonstrate:

1. Knowledge of various business documents and procedures gained through field experience.
2. Knowledge of realistic demands that confront an individual working in the interior design profession.
3. Ability to assess the appropriateness of the current career goals.
4. Ability to evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses related to on-the-job experience.
5. Ability to identify and appraise potential opportunities for permanent employment.
6. Understanding of business and professional practices such as: including budget and information management, contract administration, certification, licensing and industry protocol gained through field experience.
7. Competency in time management and documentation skills.
8. Ability to express ideas clearly in oral and written communication. (6b)
9. Ability to integrate oral and visual material to present ideas clearly. (6f)

Assessment Measures

Daily and weekly logs are required and monitored by the departmental internship coordinator.  Student performance is assessed by the internship site supervisor.  A written and oral presentation of internship experience is required after “on the job” experience is completed.  Site supervisor and departmental internship coordinator will evaluate the student’s performance in the internship experience. The internship coordinator will evaluate the student’s performance in the community service experience.  The grade of pass/fail is assigned by the departmental internship coordinator after successful completions of all class requirements are achieved.

Other Course Information

In addition, the site-supervisor’s evaluation will be used for program and student assessment.

Review and Approval