Military Active Duty Policy

The university has adopted a separate leave policy for students called to military active duty.  The intent of this policy is to assist, whenever possible, a student’s withdrawal and subsequent reentry to the university so that the student suffers no financial or academic hardship that was beyond the student’s control.  This policy may also apply to students whose spouse is called to military active duty.

Procedures: Students called to active duty should complete a Military Active Duty Withdrawal form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar along with a copy of the active duty paperwork.  If circumstances are such that the student is unable to complete the required paperwork prior to leaving campus, they or their designated representative should contact the Office of the Registrar at their first opportunity, but before the conclusion of the semester in which the student left. 

Grades: Students will receive grades according to standard grading options (no grade if before the census date, and “W” or “F” after the census date or “I” as arranged with each professor).  This would entitle the student to the appropriate prorated refund (of tuition and fees) based on the withdrawal date. 

The student may elect to withdraw and receive “W’s” for all courses in which the student is enrolled. The reason for granting “W’s,” regardless of the student’s current grade status, is based in part on the uncertainty that has led up to the student’s departure and how that has probably affected the student’s ability to perform in the classroom. Under no circumstances will a student be eligible to receive a letter grade without completing the course.

Tuition Charges and Refunds: If a student elects to receive “W’s” for all courses, tuition and fees will be refunded to the student. However, during the withdrawal process, students can request financial credit be given for a future term. 

If a student’s withdrawal is within the last 10 class days of the semester, the student may request “I’s” in classes which can be completed.  In that case, tuition and fees will be charged for the number of “I” credits as a proportion of the total credits enrolled. The remaining money will be refunded or applied to a future term. 

In making any refund or “credit” of tuition monies, first consideration will be made to repaying any financial aid awards as appropriate.

Room and Board: Room and Board will both be refunded on a daily basis according to the official date of withdrawal.

Deposits: Any deposit for future academic terms (specifically the housing deposit) will be completely refunded.

Textbooks: A 100 percent credit will be issued on all textbooks, whether new or used, on all books returned to the university bookstore.  (Note: The credit will be kept on file at the Bookstore until the next term for which the student enrolls).

Reinstatement/Readmission: A student will be readmitted under the standard readmission procedure through the Office of the Registrar.  A readmission application is necessary for all students wishing to re-enroll so that required adjustments in the student information system can be made, and so that the university can inform the student about academic advising, registration procedures, housing options, tuition charges and financial aid options.

Readmitted students who have been away less than two consecutive semesters will be allowed to continue with the academic requirements of their original entry to Radford University (matriculation term), wherever possible (i.e. using the same catalog). Students readmitted to Radford University who have been away for two or more consecutive semesters must meet the degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission. (Recognizing that tours of duty frequently exceed one year, every effort will be made to accommodate through exceptions and substitutions the special academic needs of students returning from active military duty. However, such exceptions and substitutions can be made only to the extent that they do not compromise the quality or integrity of the student’s degree.)  The student must meet the required GPA, financial and disciplinary requirements of any other student.