Suspension Appeals

Students academically suspended at the end of the fall term can appeal their suspension within 10 days of suspension notification. Students who want to appeal their academic suspension should understand that the University does not automatically grant suspension appeals. Generally, the University approves suspension appeals only when the student can sufficiently demonstrate that factors outside their control affected their academic performance and/or the student has demonstrated significant academic progress since falling below the suspension threshold.

Recovering from academic difficulties requires in-depth academic planning and concrete strategies. Therefore, students submitting a suspension appeal must meet with an Academic Advisor in the Highlander Success Center to complete an Academic Improvement Plan that outlines specific requirements and available resources designed to improve academic performance. HSC advising appointments are scheduled in the Starfish system, which can be found in OneCampus. Instructions on making an appointment can be found here.

If you would like to appeal your suspension and discuss your academic options, please use the Starfish system to schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Highlander Success Center (HSC) now. Meeting with an advisor is essential to preparing a sound appeal and planning for future academic success. During your advising appointment, you and the advisor will complete and sign the Academic Improvement Plan. To submit an appeal, you will also need to provide a narrative explaining your grounds for appeal, including any supporting documentation. All these documents must be emailed to the Suspension Appeals Committee ( by the Deadline of 11:59pm on Thursday, January 4th, 2024.   

If you do not have an assigned HSC advisor (found at the top of your DegreeAudit) then please use the chart below to determine which advisor you need to schedule your appointment with in Starfish.

If you need help scheduling an advising appointment or have questions, please reach out to the HSC by phone (540-831-2139) or email ( The HSC is physically located on the 3rd floor of Young Hall (Radford Main) and on the 5th floor at RUC (Roanoke).

Advisors are here to help and want to meet with you!

CollegeHSC Advising Coordinator
Artis College of Science and TechnologyCourtney Swanson
College of Education and Human DevelopmentQuiana Mizell
College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
Kristina Contreras
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Donna Oliver
Davis College of Business and Economics
Emily Paisley
School of NursingStephanie Slover
Waldron College of Health and Human Services
Stephanie Slover