Steps to Registration

Thank you for registering for classes at Radford University! We look forward to assisting you through the registration process and as you make progress toward your degree. Please read the information below to ensure a successful registration process.

Refer back to this page as often as you need to for instructions and information about how to view the class schedule, how to register, and how to use other registration features.

Step 1: Consider what classes you want to take

Have an idea of what classes you want to register for including date, time, and location. Have a back up plan, too, in case the class you want is unavailable. The earlier you register during your registration window, the better the chances are you will get a class that suits your schedule.

Step 2: Connect with your advisor and get your PIN

Undergraduate Students: Connect with your faculty advisor or advising center before registration begins to receive your registration PIN. The PIN is needed in order to register for classes.  If your advisor or advising center does not have your registration PIN, please have them contact the registrar’s office. 

Graduate Students: You do not need a registration PIN in order to register for classes.

Step 3: Know your registration start time

Undergraduate student registration is prioritized according to student classification. Example: seniors register before juniors, juniors register before sophomores, and so on.

Graduate Students: You do not have priority registration.  All graduate students will begin registering the first day of registration and can register through the census date of the given term.

Step 4: Time to register

It's simple. Log into the MyRU portal and look for the Academics icon. Once you click that icon you are on your way to completing registration.

Registration Resources