Registration Information

Please refer to this page for instructions and information about how to view the class schedule, how to register, and how to use other registration features.

Registration Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)

Undergraduate Students: All undergraduate students will need to obtain from their faculty advisor or advising center a registration personal identification number (PIN).  A registration PIN is needed in order to register for classes.  If your advisor or advising center does not have your registration PIN, please have them contact the registrar’s office. 

Graduate Students: Graduate students do not need a registration PIN in order to register for classes.

Registration Start Times

Undergraduate student registration is prioritized according to student classification, e.g., seniors register before juniors, juniors register before sophomores, etc.

Undergraduate students with approved permission to overload may register additional hours over 18 two weeks after the first day of undergraduate registration for a given term (after all students have had an opportunity to register for a full time schedule of classes).

Individual student registration times are displayed in the course registration channel in the academic portion of the MyRU Portal.

*Graduate Students do not have priority registration.  All graduate students will begin registering the first day of registration and can register through the census date of the given term.

How to Register for Classes

When it is your time to register, a REGISTER NOW button will appear in your course registration channel.  When you click that button, you will be taken to the registration menu, with links that will allow you to add/drop classes, look up classes, view your registration history, and more.

Registration Resources

Also included in the registration channel is a registration resources link.  That link takes you to the registration menu where you will have the ability to view your registration status (which we recommend that you do well in advance of your registration start time), your detailed or concise class schedule, your week-at-a-glance, textbook information, and more.

Course Override Process

Only department chairs and school directors in individual departments or schools have the authority to override a prerequisite requirement, a course capacity limit (within room max capacity), or a time conflict with another course.  That override is given electronically through our student information system. 

Once an override has been placed on your record, you must register for the course online in the same way that you register for any other course.  You can see overrides in your Registration status, which is found in the Registration Menu described above.  Please note, if you obtain a course capacity override, the course will still appear as closed in the registration online schedule.  To add the course, simply enter the CRN number directly in the registration screen.

DegreeWorks Degree Audit

Undergraduate students can access their DegreeWorks degree audit in the My Courses channel in the Academics tab of the MyRU Portal.  Please report any errors or problems with your degree audit to the registrar’s office.

Graduate students do not currently have access to online degree audits.

Non-Traditional Student Information

Non-Degree Seeking

Non-degree student must first have been admitted as a special non-degree seeking student before registering. Undergraduate non-degree seeking students are restricted from registering for classes until all degree-seeking students have completed their first two weeks of registration (tuition waiver non-degree students may register as noted below) and may do so through the assistance of either the Pre-major Advising Center or the Registrars Office. A student desiring to switch to a degree candidacy status must apply through the Office of Admissions. Students desiring to switch to degree-candidacy are cautioned that hours earned while in the special non-degree student status may or may not apply to a major program, depending on the degree requirements. Students who have been in a degree seeking status and have been suspended from the university may not apply for readmission as a special non-degree student.

Tuition Waiver (RU Staff and Faculty)

If you plan to take a course at Radford University please submit your Tuition Waiver Request Form to the Department of Human Resources for approval.  After approval is received, please bring a copy of the Form to the Registrar's Office beginning the first day of classes in order to be registered for the class.

Employees who have taken classes must follow the same procedures as regularly enrolled RU students and maintain continuous enrollment in order to register for classes each semester.  If an employee chooses not to take a course at RU during a regular semester he or she will need to apply for readmission to the University in order to continue to take classes in subsequent semesters.  For more information on the readmission process, please see Withdrawal and Readmission.

Senior Citizens

Under the terms of the Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974 as amended, eligible Virginia residents over 60 years of age with a taxable income of less than $23,850 are entitled to enroll in courses offered for academic credit on a space available basis without payment of tuition and fees. Tuition, however, may be charged for courses designed exclusively for senior citizen groups.  Senior citizen students must first have been admitted to the university.