Activate Your OneCampus Account

1. Gather your Radford University username and claim code. Both can be found in your Highlander Portal.



2. Navigate to OneCampus, then search Admitted Student Task Center. 

one campus task center


3. Select the Admitted Student Task Center

Admitted Student Task Center 2


4. Select the icon labeled "Claim/Activate Your Account".

Activate Account


5. Enter your Username and Account Claim Code. 



6. Review then accept terms of use by clicking the red Accept button. After you accept the terms, please note the username assigned to you then click the Next button to continue. 



7. Set up your Secret Security Questions. Note that your account may display different questions than the example below. You can change the question option by clicking the pencil icon to the left of any question. Be sure to fill in and confirm your answer for each question in the boxes to the right of the question. When you're finished, click the red Submit button to continue. 



8. Review your personal information. If necessary, update information that is incorrect. When you're finished, click the red Submit button to continue. 



9. Now, create your Account password. The rules to the right of the screen describe conditions that your password must meet. Once you have selected a password, click the red Reset Password button. Note: If your chosen password does not meet 3 of 4 rules, you will receive an error box that prompts you to pick a new password. 



10. After your password has been submitted and meets the criteria, you will receive a message letting you know your password is successful. Click on the red OK button to return to the OneCampus login screen. 

You may now log in to your OneCampus portal using the credentials you've created. Please note, the first time you log in to your portal, you will be prompted to enroll in DUO Two-Factor Authentication. Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your account by linking a using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile device) to your account.