Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Am I a New River student or a Radford University student?

In year one of the Bridge program, participating students are New River Community College students living at Radford University. Students will take their courses and receive advising at NRCC. Students will live on the RU campus, eat in the dining halls and participate in student life activities. Once students have met the requirements of the Bridge Program (after one year at NRCC), students will become a fully matriculated Radford student.

Bridge students will have an ID card for each campus and a NRCC and RU email address.

Admission and Eligibility Questions

Who can participate in the New River Community College Bridge to Radford University Program?
Radford University identifies qualified students who applied for freshman admission to Radford University but fell shy of admission requirements. This select group of students is invited to participate in the Bridge to Radford program (Bridge or NRB2RU).

How does a student who has been invited to Bridge secure a space in the Program?
Invited students must indicate their interest in enrolling in the Bridge Program by paying their $100.00 enrollment (and $100.00 housing) deposit by May 1.

When is Bridge orientation? Is participation in Bridge orientation required?

Our new student orientation program, or Quest, will be held the summer prior to your fall semester. Check out the Student Connections webpage for more info about Quest dates and registration. Quest is required for all incoming students. 

Academic Questions

What are the Bridge Program academic requirements?

Bridge students are required to earn a minimum of 21 transferable credits and a 2.0-grade point average (GPA) during their freshman year at New River Community College. Only those transferable credits and the GPA earned at NRCC after high school graduation will count toward satisfying the Bridge academic requirements.

Which NRCC courses count toward completing the 21 or more credit requirement?

Successful completion of NRCC courses designated as transferable will count toward satisfying the credit hour requirement.

Will AP, IB or dual enrollment credits count toward the Bridge 21 plus credit requirement?

No. While AP, IB or dual enrollment credits may transfer to Radford University, Bridge students must successfully complete 21 or more transferable credit hours at NRCC during the fall and spring semesters.

What support programs are available to Bridge students?

Bridge students have access to NRCC’s Academic Support Center which offers a range of support services including tutoring and assistance with writing. The Bridge Program coordinator and academic advisors provide additional support along with the help that is available through enrollment in SDV 100 – College Success Skills. SDV 100 will be co-taught by NRCC and RU instructors.

Bridge students have access to libraries and student development programming at both NRCC and RU.

Can Bridge students attend summer school at NRCC to satisfy the 21 credit/2.0 GPA requirement?

Yes, but Bridge students must earn Bridge credits at NRCC. Summer enrollment is an option after the first year at NRCC, not the summer prior to enrollment as a Bridge student.

Can a Bridge student change his/her major while enrolled in the Bridge Program?

Yes. Academic advisors can assist students in making this decision.

What are the key dates for the academic year at NRCC?

Review the NRCC academic calendar for key dates each semester.

When is Bridge orientation? Is participation in Bridge orientation required?

A new student orientation program or Quest will be held just for Bridge students and their family will be scheduled in the summer. Participation is required. Parents or guardians are encouraged to participate in concurrent parent and family programming. Bridge students will be registered for fall 2024 courses prior to Quest. At Quest, students will review class schedules with advisors.

Will NRCC utilize placement testing to assign students classes?

Bridge students’ placement into English and math courses will be assessed by a combination of their high school transcripts and ACT/SAT results (if available). The Virginia Placement Test (VPT) may also be used to determine appropriate placement.

Financial Aid Questions

Where should Bridge students send their completed FAFSA?

All financial aid documents, including the FAFSA should be submitted to the Radford University financial aid office. Use Radford University’s federal code, 003732. The FAFSA should be submitted as soon as possible for consideration of all financial aid opportunities.

All payments and financial aid will come to Radford University. RU will pay Bridge student tuition and fees to NRCC through a consortium agreement.

Are Bridge students eligible for scholarships at Radford University?

First-year Bridge students are not considered for Radford University scholarships. After students complete all requirements to enroll at Radford University in their second year, they can be considered for Radford scholarships. In your second year, you can also become eligible for the Radford Tuition Promise if you meet all necessary standards. Learn more about the Radford Tuition Promise here.

Housing and Dining Questions

Are Bridge students required to live at Radford University in order to participate in Bridge?

Yes. We believe Bridge students will be most successful by being part of an academic and student life cohort. Living in a residential community at RU provides further support for student success.

Are Bridge students required to sign up for Housing and Dining?

Bridge students are required to live in Radford University housing and participate in a meal plan. When students make their enrollment deposit, the housing application is available.

When will Bridge students move into Radford University residence halls?

Move-in day for fall 2024 will be announced soon! Keep an eye on our Office of Housing and Residential Life website for the most up-to-date information regarding move-in. 

Parking and Transportation Questions

Are Bridge students required to purchase a Radford University parking permit?

We strongly encourage students to use Radford Transit to go back and forth between the two campuses. Bridge students choosing to have a vehicle on-campus must register their vehicle through Radford University and display a valid parking permit at all times. A Radford University student parking permit costs about $150.00 for the academic year.

Bridge students choosing to have a vehicle and park at NRCC must register their vehicle at the NRCC Security Office in Godbey Hall. Parking is offered at no charge.

Is transportation available between NRCC and RU?

Bridge Program students are strongly encouraged to use Radford Transit to go back and forth between New River Community College and Radford University, which are about 10 miles apart. It is available at no cost to Bridge students.