Skills Required by Employers

Employers want to know that college graduates can apply what they learned while in college. Employers are more likely to consider an applicant who has participated in at least one internship that would demonstrate job experience and initiative. Hands-on experience gained from a senior project or collaborative research project is also valued. Students are strongly encouraged to develop an electronic portfolio, in addition to summarizing and demonstrating accomplishments in key skill and knowledge areas. 



Analytical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Research and Problem Solving Skills

Using logic and reasoning to identify strengths, weaknesses, alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems

Communication Skills (written and oral)

Employers want active listeners, effective speakers, and employees with skills to create and edit written reports


Having the ability to work with others from diverse backgrounds in a professional manner while achieving a common goal

Leadership Skills 

Being able to take charge and manage a project or co-workers

Interpersonal Skills

Ability to relate to co-workers, inspire others, and mitigate conflict


Work under pressure, set priorities, apply knowledge and skills in new situations, multitask, open to new ideas, and work independently

Computer/Technical Literacy

Skills with computer hardware/software including Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word (certifications are a bonus)


Ability to design, organize, and implement projects within an allotted timeframe

Quantitative Skills

Being able to understand and work with numbers and statistics

Industry Related Work, Internships and Applied Projects

Employers value job candidates who have acquired hands-on experience and understand realities affecting organizations


Ability to focus on specific goals and gain satisfaction when achieved

Strong Work Ethic

Possessing integrity, responsibility, quality work, discipline, and diligence


Changing something established by introducing new methods, ideas, or products

Decision Making Skills

Employers want job candidates to consider costs and benefits to develop workable solutions

Global Mindset

Understanding the global context in which decisions are made

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