Directors' Bios

Wilbur W. Stanton, MDS, MBA, Ph.D.
Director of Analytics and Professor of Marketing in Radford University's Davis College of Business and Economics

I am a passionate advertising, marketing analytics and decision science professional with 41 years of experience in higher education, research and consulting. My research and consulting work has been focused in the areas of ad testing, consumer behavior and insights, A/B testing, competitive analysis, business intelligence, market segmentation, product/brand development and instructional pedagogy. I have applied advanced predictive analytics and data mining techniques using SAS and SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS and SPSS Molder, and R to bring about positive and innovative solutions to business problems and the optimization of business decisions.  Among the statistical tools I regularly use in supervised and unsupervised analysis of big data are cluster analysis, CHAID, C&RT,  neural networks, ANOVA, MANOVA, multiple regression, logistic regression, discriminant analysis, uplift and churn models, simulations, data visualization, data mapping and ensemble models.

I have been a full-time member of the graduate faculty at one master's and four doctoral-granting universities. Courses that I have taught during my career include doctoral research methods, predictive modeling, data mining, advanced marketing strategy, competitive intelligence, principles of marketing, consumer behavior, advertising management, retailing, new product development and marketing research. I have also taught courses and seminars globally in marketing research and data analytics to employees of major multinational corporations.

I hold a doctorate in decision science with an emphasis on applied statistics and strategic decision making with a minor in marketing research and with related fields in economics and quantitative methods. I have published two books and 44 refereed scholarly research journal articles and conference proceedings.  

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