The Center’s attentions demonstrate the positive contribution analytics can have in fact-based decision making while providing an opportunity for practical applications that enrich the research, teaching, and learning of students and faculty.

To continue enrichment, the Center offers workshops and seminars that help our students and faculty understand business analytics through cutting-edge information using various software solutions available. This provides students with the analytical skills employers are seeking.

The Center will Host:

  • Regional Big Data Competition
  • An Analytics Case Team Competition

The exchanging of ideas among companies, organizations, faculty, and students allows them to learn together and explore best practices in applying business analytics to structured and unstructured data to enhance business and organizational performance. The Center for Innovation and Analytics helps students learn lifelong skills and processes to turn ideas into action and data into information to optimize business decisions. Students, working individually or in teams, are able to focus on projects that support their innovation or analytic learning needs. Faculty and industry mentors work with students to coach, guide, and mentor them during the learning process to support Davis College student learning outcomes in analytics.

BBA: Students are able to identify, apply, and interpret the results of analytical techniques to recommend action or guide decision making that improves business performance. This Center helps accomplish this by offering an assortment of experiential and active learning opportunities designed to aid students in obtaining and refining the creativity and innovation skills.

MBA: Students are able to apply and compare analytical techniques to find patterns within data and make predictions that will optimize managerial decisions. In addition to programs mentioned under the BBA, the Center also provides large, real-world datasets for our faculty, students, and other constituents to sharpen their skills in analyzing the complex relationships of a large number of factors that impact business performance.