Residence Life

Friendships forged in the Patrick Henry can last a lifetime, and our team of resident advisors works diligently to build a community of respect, trust, and growth. To become part of that community or learn more about residence life at Radford University Carilion, explore the information below, or feel free to contact us at

  • If you are locked out please call the Duty Phone at 540-655-2942.
  • If this is an emergency request, please call the emergency maintenance line at 800-934-8994.
  • If this is a health emergency, please call Carilion Police Department immediately at 540-981-7911.

Why you should live with us

Just like the unique, hands-on education you’ll receive in the classroom at Radford University Carilion, our residence halls are like no other in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

There are many reasons why living with us in the residence hall is a great choice.

  1. Live in Luxury While You Learn
    Our residence halls are located on the third through fifth floors of The Patrick Henry, just a short walk from campus. The newly renovated building features luxury apartments with hardwood floors, granite countertops, a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a dishwasher, garbage disposal and an in-unit washer and dryer. The Patrick Henry features three different types of apartments: studio apartments can hold up to two students; one bedroom apartments can hold up to three students; and two bedroom apartments can hold up to five students.
  2. Everything You Need On-Site
    As a resident in the The Patrick Henry, you’ll have access to a fitness center featuring cardio equipment, free weights and an X-Box Kinect, on-site mail delivery directly from USPS/FedEx/UPS, and private food vendors on the ground level.
  3. Location, Location, Location
    No need to worry about the hassle of a commute through heavy traffic and wintry weather if you live at The Patrick Henry. You will literally be a couple blocks from campus and can walk to class in a matter of minutes. In addition, you’re just around the corner from dozens of shops, restaurants and other attractions in beautiful downtown Roanoke. So much to do—and you’ll be right in the heart of everything!
  4. Safe and Secure
    Residents of The Patrick Henry access their apartments through the use of proximate cards, ensuring only those who live there can get in the building. In addition, campus security is available around the clock to escort anyone from our campus to the residence halls upon request and resident advisors are on call 24 hours a day.
  5. Make Lifelong Connections
    Radford University Carilion’s residence halls are open to any student, regardless of whether they are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. This means that there is a wide range of people you’ll get to know, from traditionally-aged college students to those who are coming back to school after being in the workforce.
  6. Be Independent
    Living on your own and making key decisions for yourself is an important step in the maturing process. Learning to balance freedom and responsibility in a protected environment like a residence hall makes the post-college transition easier.
  7. Extra Support
    College is a transitional time and, while it will be incredibly enriching, there will be times when you’ll feel challenged. At The Patrick Henry, you will live with people who are going through the same experiences as you. Plus, the Residence Life staff—who live in the residence halls with you—are always available for assistance, advice or just to talk.
  8. Academic Success
    Research of college and university students across the country shows that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their collegiate experience, earn better grades and are more likely to graduate than their commuting peers.
  9. The Total College Experience
    This is a unique time in your life, where you’ll experience new cultures, new friendships and live in a supportive community rich with new and diverse ways of viewing the world. Residence hall living—it’s an experience unlike any other!

About the Patrick Henry

The residence hall is located within the newly renovated Patrick Henry, which used to serve as a landmark hotel in downtown Roanoke. After the hotel closed, the building underwent extensive renovations and in 2011 was reopened as luxury apartments.

Students from Radford University Carilion reside on the third through fifth floors. There are three types of apartments: Studio apartments can hold up to two students; one bedroom apartments can hold up to three students; two bedroom apartments can hold up to four students. Each resident student receives one twin sized bed, one dresser, one desk, and one desk chair. Students are responsible for bringing their own kitchenware (plates, silverware, pots, pans, etc.).

Apartments in the Patrick Henry also feature hardwood floors, granite countertops, washer/dryer, and a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances (including both dishwasher and garbage disposal). Additionally, residents of the building have secure access to our dormitory floors through their RUC prox cards, on-site mail delivery from USPS/FedEx/UPS, and a fitness center featuring cardio equipment, free weights, and Xbox Kinect. Additionally, private food vendors are available on the ground level.

Schedule a tour:

There are two ways to schedule a tour of The Patrick Henry.

  1. When you schedule your campus tour, let your admissions counselor know that you are considering living on campus and that you would like to see The Patrick Henry. They’ll arrange a walking tour, which includes viewing an example of a studio apartment. The Admissions office can be reached at (540) 985-8483. Please note that it may not be possible to view the residence hall if the tour is not arranged in advance.
  2. If you have been admitted into a program at Radford University Carilion, you can attend Accepted Students Day, which is held each April. Students who attend Accepted Students Day will have the opportunity to tour The Patrick Henry as a part of the day’s activities. Residence Life Contracts will also be available on this day for students who are interested in reserving a space.


Apply for Housing

Gather or confirm the information you need to complete your application

  • Emergency contact information.
  • Medical conditions and prescribed medications.
  • Personal cell phone number.
  • Roommate request information – if you have a preferred roommate for next year you will need to know their Radford ID number to complete the application.

Log in to OneCampus.

Select the housing icon.

Select the Housing Applications link to complete your application.

  • If you have any questions regarding the housing application process please contact the Residential Life Office (, 540-985-8395).
  • Make sure to answer all of the questions and supply accurate information on the application. We make room assignments based on your profile information, be sure to answer profile questions honestly.
  • When your application and contract are complete, click the final submit button.
  • After completing the application return to your homepage to confirm your application has been completed and submitted.
  • If you want to edit any of the application information you can use these directions to access your account and make necessary updates or changes.


Living on campus is cost-effective. The median gross rent for an off-campus apartment in Roanoke is just under $700 per month and doesn’t include the cost of utilities, cable or high-speed internet.

The cost to live in The Patrick Henry for the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 academic year is based on the occupancy allotted for the apartment.

Per Semester

  • 2 bed standard (including laundry) $3,750.50
  • 2 bed studio (including laundry) $3,561.50
  • 4 bed standard (including laundry) $3,372.00

The fee covers rent, water, sewer, trash, electricity, cable, high-speed internet and access to an on-site gym. The Patrick Henry is a 5-minute walk to Radford University Carilion.

If you have questions or concerns about how to pay for housing, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 540-985-8492 or the Bursar’s Office at 540-985-8272.