Symptom Tracking


Radford University has developed and launched the Daily Symptom Tracking for COVID-19 Screening. The symptom tracking tool is available at The tool is also available through the RU Mobile app and MyRU portal.

Through the utilization of this tool, all members of the Radford University community are being asked to monitor their health on a daily basis. This tool is intended to assist with the consistency of regular health screenings and can serve as a journal for individual Highlanders.

All students, specifically those attending in-person classes or participating in a clinical or other field experience or internship, are expected to complete this screening on a daily basis. Students should begin inputting data into the tool two weeks before arriving for move-in, classes, or other campus activities. Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to complete this screening on a daily basis.

The information collected from the Daily Symptom Tracking for COVID-19 Screening will be utilized to connect individuals with recommended resources based on symptoms. Information will only be shared with the response teams working to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 global health pandemic and its impact on our campus and our community.

Setting a daily routine by always responding to these questions first thing in the morning is a good approach to keeping yourself and others safe and healthy. Please note that confirmation of up-to-date screening will be required for access to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.