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Welcome from the President


Dear fellow students,

For those of you who are new to Radford— Welcome! For those of you who are returning— welcome back! On behalf of the Student Government Association, I would like to extend a personal hello to all of you as you get ready for the upcoming school year. As a student of Radford University, you are automatically a member of SGA. Our job, as the voice of the student body, is not only to represent students, but to hear your voice as one. Our job is more about student service than anything else. We’re here to make your undergraduate experience at Radford more enjoyable as well as to create new traditions that need to be created, along with rebranding the ones that are already in place!

This year, we are placing a renewed focus on building and maintaining tradition at RU by putting a strong emphasis on school spirit. We hope to do this through tailgates and other such spirit contests. We plan to bring out the Highlander within all of you so we hope that you decide to help in any way possible! We also hope to hit on the avenues of things like campus safety and community service in order to make you feel safe and a part of the contributing factor that makes this institution so great! We want students to feel proud for attending Radford University and leave with no regrets. We want our students to feel welcomed and at home, not wishing to be somewhere else and doing something else. We want you to be able to graduate from Radford University being able to say that you truly enjoyed and valued your college experience, not just from an education standpoint, but from one by getting involved and leaving your mark when you have completed your work here.

Our senate is looking into many pieces of legislation that impact students, from campus safety to mid-term grades. We have also made changes to the structure of our Student Government, allowing each class their own class council, so that we may better serve and represent you in case you decide you would like to be involved with the SGA in a lesser capacity. We have our weekly Monday SGA meeting each week in the upstairs of the Bonnie in the combo room, room 248-250. Please come up and sit in the viewing gallery to have a weekly update of the progress we are making. Also, please come up to our office on the second floor of the Bonnie, room 208, if you need anything at all!

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Zachary J. McCoy
SGA- Student Body President