Executive Board

SGA Colby portriat

Name: Colby A. Bender
Position: President
Major: Political Science
Home town: Fayetteville, Pennsylvania
Why the reason is Radford: Our generation is entitled to absolutely nothing; coming out of college, there is no guarantee of employment or professional attainment.  If you want to be successful, you have to earn every opportunity that you are afforded.  Radford University offered me the opportunity to network and become the professional that I am today and for that, I will forever be grateful.  Never take an opportunity for granted and always remember that you have a platform for success because the reason is Radford. 

SGA Jacinda portrait

Name: Jacinda Jones
Position: Vice President
Major: Media Studies with a Concentration in Production
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Why the reason is Radford: I choose Radford because they had an amazing program for my major and offered many opportunities for me. I also enjoyed the beautiful campus, when I first visited Radford University.  

SGA Vikki portrait

Name: Victoria Crespo
Position: Chief Activities Officer
Major: Political Science
Home town: Blacksburg, VA
Why the reason is Radford: Radford University has given me the opportunity to develop into a productive member of society and create a career path for the future. I have no doubt that where ever life takes me I will be victorious in my endeavors. Although every aspect of my life has contributed in different ways to my identity; the reason I am secure with my forthcomings is because of Radford.

SGA Jesus portrait

Name: Jesus Martinez
Position: Chief Financial Officer
Major: Criminal Justice & Psychology
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Why the reason is Radford: Radford has offered me numerous opportunities to refine my leadership skills while serving on behalf of the student body. At this capacity, regardless of any gratitude, I have taken great pleasure in doing my part to make Radford a better place for future students.

SGA Leanna portrait

Name: Leanna Mattson
Position: Chief of Staff
Major: Corporate and Professional Communications Graduate Degree Program
Hometown: Willis, VA
Why the reason is Radford:  Radford University has become a family tradition so when I was applying to colleges as a senior in high school, Radford was my first choice.  However, I never would have imagined Radford would become as near to my heart as it is.  Radford has provided me with far more opportunities and experiences than I thought possible, of which, has shaped the person I am today.  The close, tight-knit, supportive, Highlander community that treats you as family, is truly hard to find anywhere else.  I could not think of a better place to continue my education.