Internationally-renowned photographer brings “Andean Lives” to Radford University

Renowned Argentine photographer Lucio Boschi will showcase his photographs of the Andean people at the Radford University Art Museum (RUAM), located in the Covington Center, from Sept. 12 through Oct. 27. 

Boschi’s photos embody the simplicity and beauty of the Andean landscape and of the lives of the people who inhabit the land. 

Museum director Steve Arbury is thrilled to be present this exhibit at the RUAM for the benefit of the campus communities, in partnership with sponsor Mendoza Art Partners.

“Boschi’s photographs are exceptional and profound,” Arbury said. The photographs are an exploration of the small details and ordinary scenes, majesty and mystery of life among the Andes. As a native of Argentina, Boschi gives viewers remarkable access to the images of his country.

Native communities of northern Argentina and southern Bolivia

A photo from Boschi's collection, showing a native child of the communities of Northern Argentina and Southern Bolivia.

“The people of the Andes do not walk apprehensively; they do so to the heart of the mountain,” Boschi said. “We could say that they live in a different dimension from the one we are accustomed to and inhabit their land in a more austere manner, enjoying the silence in which everything seems to acquire a deeper significance.”

Boschi exhibits his photography collections worldwide and has published seven photography books. He and his wife have also helped establish the Museo en los cerros (Mec), a learning space in northwest Argentina founded as a place of cultural exchange through photography.

The Radford University Art Museum provides an environment in which the University community and the general public can study and learn by directly experiencing works of art. The museum promotes visual literacy as part of a broader, comprehensive education for all patrons. Its goal is to exhibit, study, interpret, acquire and preserve works of art of the highest quality in a variety of media that represent cultures and artistic styles found throughout the world.

Boschi will give a presentation on Thursday, Sept. 12 from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Performance Hall in the Covington Center. Directly after, there will be an opening reception for his exhibition that will take place in the Covington Center foyer.  

For more information on Lucio Boschi, please visit his website:


Sep 4, 2013
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