Suspension & Probation

Academic Probation and Suspension

Academic performance is measured by quality points and grade point averages (GPA).

Each student must maintain a specified grade point average to remain in good standing and to prevent being placed on academic probation or being suspended for academic reasons.

Students are urged to confer regularly with their advisors to seek assistance in improving academic standing.

Academic Probation

Any student not subject to academic suspension or dismissal (see below) will be on academic probation at the conclusion of any semester, summer session, or Wintermester in which he or she has achieved less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Note: The minimum grade point average required for graduation from Radford is 2.00. However, some majors require a GPA higher than 2.00 in order for a student to declare that major and/or to graduate with a degree in that major.

Academic probation is an indication of serious academic deficiency and may lead to academic suspension. A student on academic probation may not carry more than 16 semester hours during a regular academic year semester.

Academic Suspension

Suspension Policy

All students must meet the below GPA threshold by the conclusion of each spring term:

       GPA Hours                             Cumulative GPA Required to Avoid Suspension

          13-23                                                                                   1.00

          24-35                                                                                  1.50

          36-47                                                                                  1.80

          48 or more                                                                         2.00

Students may attend summer sessions (excluding Augustmester) at Radford University to improve their GPAs and avoid suspension.  Courses taken at other institutions will not affect the student’s Radford University GPA.

Additional Information about Suspension

Simultaneous Academic and Disciplinary Suspensions 

Occasionally, a student whose actions during a semester result in disciplinary suspension for the following semester subsequently earns grades for the semester that also cause him/her to fall below the academic suspension threshold. In such cases, the following semester’s suspension will be considered an academic suspension for the purpose of determining the number of times a student has fallen below the academic suspension threshold.

Terms of Suspension

A student suspended for the first time may not enroll in the next regularly scheduled semester. (Please see readmission information below.) A student who has been suspended for a second or more times may not enroll for one full academic year.

Suspension Appeals

Students may submit an Appeal of Suspension to the Suspension Appeals Committee, which includes representation from academic and student affairs, within 10 business days following notification of suspension.  Appeals of suspension are not automatically granted.  Generally, suspension appeals are only approved when the student is able to sufficiently demonstrate that his/her academic performance suffered as a result of factors outside the student’s control and/or the student has shown significant academic progress since falling below the suspension threshold. For more information on how to submit a suspension appeal click here.

Transfer Credit During the Period of Suspension

A student on academic suspension from Radford University may receive transfer credit for work taken at another college or university during the period of enforced suspension. To ensure proper credit for any courses taken at another institution, students are strongly encouraged to verify course transferability with their College Advising Center prior to enrolling in such courses. While courses passed with a grade of “C” or better qualify for transfer (“C-” grades are not acceptable), these grades are not used in computing the Radford grade point average and the Radford repeat policy cannot be applied. In order to be eligible for readmission to Radford University, students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher on all work attempted at another college during the term(s) of their suspension. Readmission to the university, however, is never automatic. (See below.)