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2008 spring (Barland; Dymacek)


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RecipeLawsliessyntaxjava.lang docsjava.util docs


This is an approximate schedule for the topics we'll cover; it is subject to minor changes and re-arranging. I'll try to keep this page accurate after the fact; if you notice a discrepancy between syllabus past and what was actually discussed, let me know. If you miss a class, it is of course your responsibility to find out what announcements were made. Homeworks [yet to be listed] are considered finalized the Monday before the first part is due; they tend to have only small changes, so working ahead is fine.

of …
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Part I, Functions: ask a question, get a (type of) answer
Jan.14 lect01a—a first program lab01a—Making Objects with BlueJ lect01b—class administrivia: ...and debugging a ufo movie lab01b—your turn: a function from scratch: buffetPrice, toppingArea lect01c—a second program: ...and function syntax
Jan.21 MLK day;
no classes
lab02a—no repeated code; this: free foot friday pizza solutions lect02b—functions calling functions lab02b—Spies and MCs: Javadoc; Strings lect02c—local variables and named constants
Jan.28 lect03a—role-playing function calls; scope lab03a—Bookstore Ads: local variables; automatic conversion to Strings lect03b—Boolean expressions lab03b—booleans, if lect03c—Nesting if-else
Feb.04 lect04a—boolean connectives: and, or, not lab04a—booleans, if, predicates: eBay fees lect04b—arithmetic lab04b—if-else-if, continued lect04c—bad arithmetic
Part II, Objects: state; classes are types; references
Feb.11 lect05a—Introduction to objects: fields: PizzaServer salary lab05a—fields: PizzaServer, tips, and managers lect05b—what's in a class?: constructors lab05b—comparing doubles: witnessing bad arithmetic Exam 1
Feb.18 lect06a—what's a class; and new: exam results, too lab06a—Unit testing lect06b—new; constructors: Cats or Dogs lab06b—constructors with arguments: lab06a lect06c—Classes are Types: and references are values
Feb.25 lect07a—solidifying our knowledge: lect07a lab07a—objects as parameters: going on more Dates lect07b—Returning objects from methods (pt. I): the design recipe reminded lab07b—objects returning objects: which day to work; nextDay lect07c—Objects as fields: Dogs and Kennels
Mar.03 lect08a—References as Values: passing arrows to functions lab08a—Objects containing Objects: practice with Dogs and Kennels lect08b—references as values, cont: swapping locals vs swapping fields lab08b—printing: Pair O' Dice lect08c—equality: == vs equals: some Animals are more equal than others
Mar.10 spring break
Mar.17 lect09a—public vs private lab09a—PairODice regained: debugging tips lect09b—static methods lab09b—using eclipse: Doggy redo lect09c—A Design Exercise: Amazin' Orders
Mar.24 lect10a—static fields lab10a—generalized Dice: coins lect10b—ethics lab10b—greenfoot: wombats: ...and now for something completely different Exam 2
Part III, Lists and Loops: play it again, Sam
Mar.31 lect11a—primitive Wrappers; Lists: and a hint of for-each lab11a—Scanner: reading info from the keyboard (and more) lect11b—for-each: looping over a list lab11b—Lists and for-each: expandable Kennels lect11c—list practice: more dogs
Apr.07 lect12a—while loops lab12a—for-each continued lect12b—while loops: continued lab12b—practicing loops: 99 bottles lect12c—while loops, continued: closing thoughts
Apr.14 lect13a—for loops lab13a—singing, continued lect13b—arrays lab13b—letter distributions: arrays lect13c—arrays; main: cont.
Apr.21 lect14a—Inheritance lab14a—home photoshopping network: arrays of pixels lect14b—Interfaces lab14b—phinishing fotoshopping lect14c—The Delegate Pattern: Guard Dogs

Final exam schedule: (based on lecture-time, not lab-time)

section class time Exam 3
120-01 09:00 Apr.30 (Wed) 11:00
120-02 10:00 Apr.28 (Mon) 08:00
120-03 11:00 May.01 (Thu) 11:00

RecipeLawsliessyntaxjava.lang docsjava.util docs

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