Ian Barland

Contact info: See my official, department page.

Work I am an associate professor with the College of Information Science and Technology at Radford University. I have been teaching since 1995, and am currently teaching ITEC 120 (CS1). I have taught a wide range of other courses, as well as involved with the TeachLogic project.

Interests In addition to teaching, I enjoy good music, addicting games, intriguing science fiction, bad tv, and generally ranting. At least that's what I claim; perhaps my bookmarks are a fairer portrayal. If you really want to procrastinate, over the years I've accumulated a bunch of allegedly humorous (plain-text) and miscellaneous (plain-text) files.

I have recently looked similar to this photo, though in the past I've had different hair. A more accurate glimpse of me on a roller coaster captures my look of abject terror (not uncommon for me).

History As for where I come from—I did my graduate work in computer science at UCSC (making it only-too-rarely to the beach). My dissertation dealt with descriptive complexity, with Phokion Kolaitis as my advisor. Before that (technically known as "way back when"), I was an undergrad at the U of Utah. And would you believe, even ol' Skyline High has a web page?!

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