Program Materials

Our application packet, plus appropriate supporting documents which will assist you as you apply to the School of Social Work and the Bachelor of Social Work program.

Undergraduate Program in Social Work (BSW)

The Social Work Program is a comprehensive professional program that prepares students for beginning generalist social work practice. Students majoring in Social Work graduate with a Bachelor of Social Work degree.  Upper division social work courses are offered at two campuses: full-time at Radford and part-time at the Roanoke Higher Education Center. Students should consult with the Advising Center or their Social Work advisor to determine their individual plan of study, including the best campus at which to complete their degree.

This program is designated as A (Cultural or Behavioral Analysis) Area and fulfills the learning goal: To examine the context and interactions of culture(s) and/or behavior(s). Students will fulfill the learning outcomes in this area: describe behaviors, beliefs, cultures, social institutions, and/or environments and analyze the interactions of behaviors, beliefs, cultures, social institutions, and/or environments.

This program has been approved to cover the L (Applied Learning) Area and fulfills the learning goal: To explore professional practice through the application of knowledge, skills, and critical reflection. Students will fulfill the learning outcomes in this area: apply acquired knowledge and skills to develop professional identity or professional practice and critically reflect on their learning, abilities, experiences, or role within professional contexts.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet academic and non-academic standards for successful admission, progression through and graduation from the BSW program. In order to assist students in developing the knowledge base and social work practice skills necessary to be successful generalist social work practitioners, the School of Social Work has developed technical standards and a process to become a social work major.

The Policies for Admission and Progression in the Social Work Major are in the BSW manual. The BSW degree consists of three components: required general education courses, pre-professional core courses (pre-Social Work majors), and a professional core (Social Work majors). A 400-hour internship in the senior year is also required.

Admission is competitive and granted on a space- available basis.

A student who has separated from Radford University is subject to a new plan of study when re-entering the program. Students must apply to the major. The BSW committee will review the student records to determine which courses still need to be completed and which, if any, courses need to be repeated.

Admissions Criteria

Applications are accepted once per semester, due by close of business on the first Friday in October and the first Friday in March. Applicants must meet the following criteria for admission into the Social Work major from pre-Social Work:

  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.7; however, the actual GPA required for admission may be significantly higher as admission is competitive. Transfer students are advised that after 24 credit hours are earned at Radford University, the Radford University GPA is used for admission.  Transfer students who have earned less than 24 credit hours at Radford University are advised that the combined GPA for all coursework is considered.
  • Have passed with a “C” or better (a C- is a failing grade) each of the following courses: SOWK 101, SOWK 220, BIOL 104, PSYC 121, SOCY 110, and ENGL;
  • Meets professional standards as described in the “Waldron College of Health and Human Services Standards of Professional Practice Education.”
  • Completes required application and submits it on time; and
  • Provides all required documents. 
  • As part of the admissions process, interviews may be conducted by the School of Social Work Undergraduate Committee.

Social Work Major Course Requirements

Additional required courses (28 credits)

  • BIOL 104 - Human Biology
  • STAT 130 - Understanding Statistics in Society or
  • STAT 200 - Introduction to Statistics
  • PSYC 121 - Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCY 110 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCY 121 - Understanding Cultures
  • ENGL 306 - Professional Writing or
  • ENGL 307 - Business Writing
  • SOCY 250 - Social Inequality or
  • SOCY 331 - Race and Ethnic Relations or
  • PSYC 250 - Psychology of Diversity
  • PSYC 439 - Abnormal Psychology  
  • PSYC 361 - Psychology of Personality or
  • PSYC 343 - Social Psychology

Pre-professional Courses (3-9 credits)

  • SOWK 101 - Introduction to Social Work
  • SOWK 220 – Introduction to Social Justice
  • SOWK 291 - BSW Bridge Course (transfer students only)

Total credits Needed For Degree: 120

Professional Courses (44 credits)

  • SOWK 300 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment: The Life Course
  • SOWK 301 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Theories
  • SOWK 321 - Social Welfare Policy
  • SOWK 330 – Community Practice
  • SOWK 350 - Introduction to Social Work Research
  • SOWK 422 - Individual Practice
  • SOWK 423 - Group Practice
  • SOWK 424 - Organizational and Policy Practice
  • SOWK 426 - Case Management Practice
  • SOWK 485 - Introduction to Professional Behaviors
  • SOWK 489 - Social Work Field Education
  • SOWK 490 - Social Work Capstone


Electives (39-45 credits)

*Courses may vary depending on availability.