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Department of Occupational Therapy

The mission of the Department of Occupational Therapy is to create a community of innovative and ethical practitioners who serve and advocate for the health and participation of diverse populations and communities, both locally and globally. We are strongly committed to the philosophy of student-centered, active learning expressed in Radford University’s Strategic Plan. We value multiple forms of active learning that involve our students grappling with the issues that clients bring to occupational therapy, because this is an ideal platform for learning by doing and reflecting on what they are doing.

  • Our students regularly participate in community-based practice
  • Our faculty represent expertise across all major and several specialty practice areas
  • Our students are offered travel-abroad opportunities to explore the world of health and health care in other countries
  • Our two unique campuses provide distinct learning environments
  • Our hybrid bridge track allows working professionals to advance their career
  • Our interprofessional opportunities prepare our students to work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Our student clubs, the student occupational therapy association and the coalition of occupational therapy advocates for diversity, provide meaningful engagement and leadership opportunities

We offer two pathways to obtain a Master of Occupational Therapy degree at Radford University across two campus locations. Both of our pathways lead to an entry-level degree in Occupational Therapy within 2 ½ years. We offer in-person, hybrid, part-time, and full-time options to study occupational therapy.

Traditional MOT Track (For those entering the profession)
Our in-person traditional track offers full-time and part-time study options at our Radford and Roanoke sites for those seeking a degree in occupational therapy for the first time. One cohort per campus location is admitted each fall. The MOT degree is earned in 7 semesters.

OTA to MOT Track (For OTAs seeking an MOT degree)
Our hybrid OTA to MOT bridge track is designed for licensed occupational therapy assistants to further their education and become occupational therapists. We offer a hybrid model of instruction for OTAs with at least one year of experience and a B.S. or B.A degree from an accredited institution. One cohort is admitted each fall and the MOT degree is earned in 7 semesters. Credit for work experience is offered.

  • The Master of Occupational Therapy program is an entry-level degree for students interested in entering the profession of occupational therapy.  Our M.O.T. program offers two tracks. The Traditional Track is offered in a face-to-face, on campus format and is designed for students who have no previous degree in occupational therapy. The OTA to M.O.T. Bridge Track is designed for the occupational therapy assistant practictioner who wishes to obtain the M.O.T. degree; this program is offered in a hybrid format with asynchronous course work combined with 3-4 weekends at the Radford University at Carilion campus location per semester.
  • We also offer a Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree for current occupational therapy practitioners interested in pursuing a doctoral degree. This program is offered entirely online and is convenient for working professionals. 
  • Client-centered intervention is the core of our programs. Students learn how to assist clients to return to participating in the activities that matter the most to them.

  • The Master of Occupational Therapy program offers students opportunities to present, learn and network with faculty and students across the university in other disciplines. 

  • The 8-semester Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program is 100% online and is designed for working professionals!