About the School of Social Work

Radford University Office of University Relations

The School of Social Work is located near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwestern Virginia and nestled in the New River Valley.  The university provides a serene setting for study, learning and for family-community gatherings.

While numerous distinct cultures and a wide variety of communities fall within the boundaries of the university’s interests, all believe in the importance and resilience of the family. The mutual influence of the university and the families and communities that surround it demands that university, family and community collaborate toward their mutual goals.

The School of Social Work, grounded in the rural, small city context of Appalachia and Southwestern Virginia, builds on the strengths of its unique locale as a point of departure for understanding differences. The School and the university are committed to enhancing diversity of all kinds and are particularly interested in reinforcing a global perspective through the education of its students who will live, work and contribute in a multicultural society.