Nursing Shortage

By 2020, the demand for nurses in Virginia is projected to be 30% greater than the supply.

Factors that have led to the demand for nurses being larger than supply:

  • increase in population
  • increase in aging population
  • proportionally larger needs of nursing services by the elderly
  • retirement of nurses as they age
  • steady state in education of nurses
  • shortage of faculty in nursing schools
  • large amount of clinical training necessary for nursing education
  • expense of technology now used in the clinical care of patients that must be born by educational institutions
  • salaries of clinical faculty lower than nurses in clinical job

What does the Clinical Simulation Center have to do with the nursing shortage?

  • The Clinical Simulation Center will decrease the need for additional clinical faculty in nursing schools in southwest Virginia.
  • As a shared resource, the Clinical Simulation Center will keep educational costs down in all the participating institutions.

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