Accessing Part 1 of the HeartCode BLS Course

Recommended Computer Settings: Operating System: Windows 7 or higher

Web Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or greater

Internet Access: High-speed (Cable or DSL)


1. Click link on the left to access the course

2. Install/update Adobe Flash Player if required

3. Enter your email address as the username and password

4. View the HeartCode BLS Introduction (the screen may remain black for 2-3 minutes while the video loads)

5. Complete Part 1 of the BLS course


Note: You can log out and log back in at anytime and resume from the previous point.

Important: You must complete the Skills Test (Part 2&3) within 60 days of passing Part 1.

To schedule for Part 2 of the HeartCode BLS Course or if you have any questions, please contact the Radford University Clinical Simulation Center at 540-831-7175.



Dec 31, 2099