Quality Improvement Process

I. Purpose:

To provide quality simulation education incorporating feedback from student pre/post simulation surveys, clinical agency surveys, suggestions/comments from partnering schools, and feedback from participants and clinical educators to evaluate and revise simulations.

II. Procedure

For Annual Scenario Review:

1. Prior to the annual meeting the educators gather information from the following sources during the designated time:

a. post simulation surveys on completed sessions

b. clinical agencies surveys

c. suggestions/comments from partnering schools

d. clinical educators and/or participants that utilized CSC

2. Simulation Educators examine data and make recommendations.

3. Simulation Educators develop appropriate solutions based on consensus among group.

4. Simulation Educators provide successful implementation of changes and devise plan to evaluate the outcome of approved changes.

For Problems Identified During the Semester:

1. Problem identified by simulation educators, staff, standardized patients or partnering agencies,

2. Complete “Quality Improvement Template” located in policy and procedure folder on CSC share drive.