Faculty Expectations

Clinical Simulation Center

School of Nursing Faculty Expectations

Overview: The Clinical Simulation Centers (CSC) are designed to provide the student with the opportunity to practice skills and problem solving in a simulated healthcare environment. The centers will provide the equipment and the resources to facilitate the student’s acquisition of competence with the skills to care for clients in the clinical setting.

Clinical Simulation Sessions:

  1. Dissemination of clinical information to students prior to CSC session:
  • The CSC staff will send pre-simulation materials to the SON faculty responsible for the clinical group.
  • The SON faculty will need to provide this information to the students scheduled for the CSC.

2. Student dress code:

  • The clinical simulation center adheres to your School of Nursing (SON) specific clinical site dress code – student is expected to dress as if they were reporting to clinical in the hospital setting.
  • Any student not following their SON dress code will be sent home. The CSC staff will notify faculty via email if a student has been sent home. NOTE: It will be the responsibility of the student to follow his/her SON process regarding missed clinical time.

3. Faculty are not required nor expected to come with their students to the CSC: Faculty are of course welcome to accompany their students.

4. Students will be required to prepare for clinical at the Simulation Center. If students are not prepared they will be sent home and the CSC will notify you of such an occurrence. The CSC will not be responsible to reschedule those students who are sent home. It will be up to the SON faculty to follow-up with their student regarding their missed clinical.

5. If post-clinical work is required (i.e. clinical log), we suggest that faculty require the same post-clinical work for the CSC experience. However, that work will need to be submitted to their clinical faculty.