Equipment Maintenance and Replacement Plan

I. Purpose:

To ensure equipment compliance with Radford University Policies and standards of operation, maintaining optimal equipment conditions for operations.

II. Procedure:

1. Equipment problems will be reported to Clinical Simulation Center Information Technologist (CSC IT) for follow-up and resolution of problem in a timely manner.

2. CSC IT will communicate to staff and/or educators the outcome of the problem and any process changes nessessary to maintain operations.

3. Disposable parts (arm skins, injection pads etc.) will be replaced on as needed basis.

4. Non-disposable parts will be repaired or troubleshooted by CSC IT according to vendors Directions for Use (DFU) and Manuals. If part is not repairable it will be replaced in shortest possible time to minimize interruption of CSC operations.

5. Preventive maintenance on simulators/simulation equipment will be conducted by CSC IT on a biannual basis during academic breaks either independently or in conjunction with vendor during purchased Preventive Maintenance services.

6. Preventive maintenance will be conducted on all computers and servers on monthly basis to ensure compliance with Radford University Information Technology guidelines. This maintenance will include but not limited to:

a. Updating all systems (OS updates)

b. Running full system anti-virus and anti-malware scans

c. Hardware diagnostics, repair and replacement.

7. IT specialist in collaboration with CSC director will analyze extended warranty criteria annually and determine which simulators need additional warranty purchases.

III. Laerdal Simulators Care

SimMan 3G

At least once a week to flush used tanks (Body fluids and/or blood) with distilled water until purged liquid is colorless. Then charge one or both tanks with 100 ml of 70% isopropyl solution and flush again. This way remaining liquid in the tanks and tubing is mainly alcohol which prevents molding and ensures mannequin’s liquids system’s functionality.

SimMan Essentials

Flush urine tank with uncolored distilled water as described above for SimMan 3G until purged liquid is colorless. After that load tank with 100 ml of 70% isopropyl solution and purge all liquid one more time.


Wash/flush tanks with tap water

How often to perform this care

Manufacture’s recommendation: Perform all of the mentioned procedures every day when liquids were used on either of the simulators. Even if only distilled water was used without any coloring.