VPTA Student Conclave

Brooke Malloy at VPTA Student Conclave

RUDPT students Brooke Malloy and David Furrow recently attended the VPTA Student Conclave located in Newport News, VA. Brooke states that, "as the VA Core Ambassador to the APTA Student Assembly, serving as a member of the VPTA SSIG Board, I had the opportunity to work with peers from different PT and PTA schools across the state of VA. We worked for about 7 months to plan the Annual VPTA Student Conclave. We recruited speakers to discuss topics ranging from pain science, why an understanding of business is essential to physical therapy, and animal rehabilitation. There were also wonderful networking opportunities to meet with representatives from fellowship and residency programs. Kim and I got to end our day by presenting a poster on Dry Cupping, our second presentation together sharing research with fellow PT students and clinicians. Every conference or event I have had the opportunity to attend with other physical therapy students and even seasoned clinicians has only grown my passion for and love of this profession."


Oct 13, 2017