RUDPT Student Receives Praise During Clinical Education

This fall, Dr. Huth received two letters in support of one of our students, Julianne Bal, after completing her first 12 week clinical experience at a nursing home in North Carolina. The husband of one of her patients wrote:

“I would like you to know how impressed I was by the care given to my wife by one of your students, Julianne Bal. My wife, 80, who was recovering from a surgery for a broken hip was admitted to a skilled nursing facility in Winston Salem, NC, to receive therapy under Medicare Part B. There she had the good fortune to have Ms. Bal as her therapist. Ms. Bal patiently worked with my wife for three weeks. She was persistent and very professional-always with a smile and a calm voice-in her efforts to get my wife to respond to therapy. I was amazed to learn that Miss Bal was a student intern. But my wife could not have received any better care under a more experienced therapist. We believe Miss Bal to be the best!”

After receiving this letter, Dr. Huth reached out by telephone to thank him for his kind words, and soon received a follow up letter indicating:

“Miss Bal was the only caregiver who demonstrated that she really cared about my wife getting better.”

When Dr. Huth reached out to Julianne to tell her about this interaction, her face lit up with the smile he described.

This is just one of multiple examples from Dr. Huth's interactions with patients and clinical faculty who have encountered our students in clinic. She sates that she is proud to work for a program that not only encourages the development of future physical therapists, but also in developing professionals who, “consistently demonstrate core values by aspiring to and wisely apply principles of altruism, excellence, caring, ethics, respect, communication and accountability, and by working together with other professionals achieve optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities." (Stern DT. Measuring medical professionalism. Oxford University Press. New York, NY, 2006:19;



Renee Huth, DPT, ABD, ACCE,

Director of Clinical Education

Nov 20, 2017