Collaborating Across Borders

Pictured left to right: Brittany Marshall, Jacob Dulski, Callie Carter, Haily Cook

RUDPT students Brittany Marshall, Callie Carter, Haily Cook, and Jacob Dulski recently attended the Collaborating Across Borders VI Conferece in Banff, Alberta, Canada where they presented a research poster on “Exploring the Effectiveness of Interprofessional Education through a Simulation Experience” at the conference. In addition, Haily presented on "A two-part simulation to engage professional healthcare students in the provision of collaborative care of a geriatric patient with dementia". The presentation was an interactive poster for researchers, practitioners, educators, and students at the conference to better understand how simulation can be used to improve interprofessional education between nurses and physical therapists. Collaborating Across Borders is North America’s premier interprofessional health care education and collaborative practice conference. The CAB Conference series links educators, researchers, practitioners, students, and patients from Canada and the United States in essential discussions around interprofessional health care education, practice, leadership and policy in North America. 

"Collaborating Across Borders was truly an experience of a lifetime!  I enjoyed getting to discuss our research with health care professionals, educators, and students from both the United States and Canada.  I also really loved hearing about rare diseases and the effects they can have on a family. In addition, each day we got to explore Canada’s breathtaking views, which was by far one of my favorite aspects of the trip." - Callie Carter

"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the CAB VI Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada! This conference assisted with my professional growth and facilitated abstract thinking in regards to interprofessionalism and rare diagnoses that we as physical therapists may not encounter every day. I can honestly say Banff is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and would highly recommend the trip there! We were lucky enough to have time to explore and the views cannot even be put into words." - Brittany Marshall

"Attending and presenting research at the CAB VI conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada was an incredible experience. It was awesome to be able to share with and learn from clinicians in various medical professions from Canada and the United States. During my presentation, I was able to network with numerous people who offered great perspectives on our research, even a handful from Virginia. I'm thankful for the opportunity Radford University provided me. It was an amazing trip that resulted in interprofessional growth and the chance to see one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Canadian Rockies are dearly missed!" - Haily Cook

“This was an amazing experience because I learned so much about other professions and innovative ways for other professions to best interact with each other. One of the sessions, I met the maker of the outcome measure used in our study and received great feedback from her on our research! I was also excited to learn more about Canada’s health policy, which gave me new perspectives on health care. Lastly, exploring the Rocky’s mountains and seeing Lake Moraine was truly an unforgettable experience.” - Jacob Dulski

Oct 15, 2017