Our Roanoke Location

map of Virginia showing location of Raonoke

The Radford University School of Nursing, Roanoke site, is located at the Roanoke Higher Education Center in the city of Roanoke, Va., about 50 miles east of the main Radford University campus. The Roanoke Higher Education Center, which has been hailed as a model for education in the new millennium, offers nearly 200 programs of study through the Center’s partner organizations. In August 2000, the Roanoke Center welcomed its first class of 2,500 students to newly renovated classrooms located in the former headquarters of the Norfolk and Western Railroad in downtown Roanoke. A total of $19 million in state, local and private capital, as well as federal and state historic tax credits, had been used to transform the 1931 art deco building into a state-of-the-art facility for learning.

The Radford University School of Nursing is the largest undergraduate day program at the Roanoke Higher Education Center, and the only in-residence site program for Radford University. With nearly 100 students each semester, Radford University School of Nursing students enjoy the camaraderie of their peers in nursing, the opportunity for interaction with students from a variety of universities, and the cultural richness of a small urban location, consistently ranked as one of America's Best Cities.

The School of Nursing, Roanoke site offers the basic baccalaureate nursing upper division program to students who have completed all nursing prerequisites and who are selected through a competetive admission process. Students at the Roanoke site begin upper division in January, while the students on the Radford campus begin upper division in August.

Visit the Roanoke Higher Education Center for more information.