Core Learning Activities

Center for Interprofessional Education and Practice core learning activity

The Waldron College of Health and Human Services has implemented an array of interprofessional learning, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities across the units, which demonstrate the commitment of our leadership to interprofessional education and practice. Our current annual interprofessional initiatives include:

  • The Waldron College Interprofessional Symposium and Expo has successfully brought together the departments and schools from within the college and across the university, as well as partners throughout the surrounding communities, to address the collaborative networks that now enhance student learning and provide improvements in community health and human services across the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • The Interprofessional Education and Practice Symposium was created to provide an interprofessional learning opportunity for our students to better understand their role and the roles of others, and acquire the skills to interact with other disciplines for the benefit of a client. These skills include respectful communication, negotiation, advocacy, and leadership. Each year, the Interprofessional Education and Practice Symposium has been approved as a Radford University Scholar-Citizen Initiative, with the aims of fostering critical thinking, making connections between academic knowledge and participation in local and national health and education systems, and problem-solving in the context of contemporary real-world issues.
  • The college-wide Character Campaign! Each year, the theme of the campaign changes. The objectives, however, remain the same:
    • Increase awareness of who “we” are & what “we” do.
    • Provide opportunities for awareness regarding the roles in which our professions play within the realm of clinical and community service.
    • Encourage others to learn, develop, and collaborate with us on our interprofessional journey!