Role of the Student

DNP-FNP students are expected to conform to professional standards. They are guest in the clinical site and are professionals. Please immediately report to the FNP coordinator if there are any incidents in which the student does not perform as a professional.

There is a dress code for students and they are expected to follow this code. The student is expected to adhere to rules of confidentiality and will not discuss any patient or practice in an improper manner.  The student is expected to be responsible and arrive on time, remain as expected and call in when there are any changes to the schedule. They should be able to arrange the schedule for the semester when they start the clinical.

The student is encouraged to review informational sources while in the clinical setting to reinforce learning.  This may be in the form of texts or apps on a phone or IPAD. He/she will be expected to assess their skills and inform their preceptor of areas where more exposure and practice is required.  He/she is to take an active role in their learning.

The student is expected to perform a complete assessment, identify appropriate differential diagnoses, determine the correct diagnoses, suggest a beginning plan of care (including laboratory and diagnostic testing, nursing and pharmacological interventions), and report this to the preceptor. The preceptor and student will discuss the management plan and suggest a follow-up plan for their patients.  He/she is expected to provide culturally competent care with consideration of specific individual and family needs.  Of course, these skills will develop over the semester and the program as will preceptor expectations of the student.