Role of the Preceptor

Doctorate in Nursing Practice Clinical Preceptorship Program                       
BSN to DNP Program

Preceptor Role
Most clinical courses require 90 hours of practice, with the residency courses having 180 hours.  Most clinical can be completed in two to three full days per week in a 15 week semester.  A preceptor will need to commit to spending this amount of time with the student or make arrangements for alternative coverage when he or she is not available.


Supervision of the student will require varying degrees of involvement of the preceptor as the student progresses through the clinical course and also through the program.  All students are different and vary in their abilities.  Preceptors will need to assess their student’s abilities and proficiencies and adjust expectations accordingly.  Preceptors should expect the student to grow in ability, independence and comfort each week and be able to promote this development by allowing the student to increase his/her involvement in the management plan.

The student should be encouraged to independently perform the assessment of the patient, describe differential diagnoses and offer an initial plan of care.  He/she should be given the opportunity to offer a succinct report of his/her findings and plan.  If possible, the student should be given the opportunity to write prescriptions if they are not computerized.  If computerized, the student will put the information in Typhon under medications prescribed as if writing a prescription. The preceptor will sign all prescriptions.  Documentation should be done by the student.  Because this varies between practices, if the student cannot document on the record, he or she should write a note for the preceptor to review for accuracy and completeness. Some notes may be detailed and some just summaries. The faculty is responsible for final evaluation of the student’s notes.

At midterm and at the end of the clinical experience, the preceptor will evaluate the student’s progress with a form developed by the School of Nursing.  This will be discussed with the student to help improve areas of concern and then sent to the course faculty.  Any student who fails to meet a minimal level of competence should receive both written and verbal feedback regarding their performance with suggestions for improvement.  The faculty of the clinical course should be notified as soon as possible.