Letter from FNP Coordinator



The faculty at the Radford University School of Nursing is so pleased that you have expressed an interest in becoming a preceptor to a Family Nurse Practitioner student at Radford University.  Our faculty believes that we conduct a quality educational program at our school and value your interest in becoming a partner in our efforts to continue to maintain excellence in advanced nursing practice.

            Our Doctorate of Nursing Practice program is accredited and we have graduates both from the BS to DNP and the post Master to DNP programs.  This degree program can be entered at two levels:  after completion of either the BSN or the MSN.  It may be completed on a full or part-time basis.  Students in the BSN-DNP will complete over 500 hours of clinical in the areas of pediatrics, women’s health, and acute and chronic conditions.  After this, they will complete an additional 540 hours of clinical capstone and residency courses in primary care and an area of interest.  Students who have already completed their MSN degrees and are practicing as nurse practitioners will only need to complete the last part of the program described above in which they will develop goals and objectives.    

            The role of preceptor is very important to our program. We appreciate you sharing your expertise and contributing to the educational and professional development of our nurse practitioner student.  We hope that the information we provide will assist you as you make your decision. 

            If you have questions or wish further discussion, please contact:

Dr. Eunyoung Lee, PhD, FNP, ACNP, FAHA
FNP Coordinator
Associate Professor
Office: 540-831-7711

Thank you for your interest in becoming a preceptor for a Family Nurse Practitioner student. To help you with this decision, we have created this document to clarify the expectations of the roles of preceptor, student and school in this mutual undertaking. 

Preceptor Role

Student Role

Role of School of Nursing Faculty