Role of School of Nursing Faculty

Faculty from the School of Nursing will provide the preceptor with a copy of the syllabus of the course and the evaluation forms at the beginning of the semester.  Faculty will be available to answer questions the preceptor may have and to offer support and advice if requested.

We are requesting a method of contacting preceptors. Please let us know whether you prefer email or phone. We want to communicate with our preceptors about the progression of the student. We plan on visiting all students during the first 6 clinical courses of our BS-DNP program. Faculty may visit at the midpoint of the semester to spend time with the student. Our visits are made at the discretion of the faculty or request of the preceptor or student. Some students find this visit very helpful. During this visit, faculty will follow the student to see him/her interact with the patients and report back to the preceptor.  Faculty will not have any involvement in the care of the patient; they are only there to observe.  Reasons for this visit is to meet the requirements of the agencies that evaluate our program, concerns of the student and/or preceptor and desire to assess the student’s progress.  We depend upon the preceptor’s evaluation and desire to work in coordination with the preceptor. The visit allows the preceptor and faculty member to informally discuss the student and helps the faculty member to see the various practice settings in the state. Please know that we are available to discuss any questions at any time.

Insurance is provided to each student in the program by Radford University and this meets the requirement as set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If requested, you may receive information about the coverage.

            Unfortunately, at this time the School of Nursing is unable to provide compensation for all the efforts of the preceptor in helping us to educate our students.  This is an area of discussion at the present time.  We can, and do, express our appreciation to all the wonderful preceptors who have assisted us in providing a quality education for our students and hope that their sense of fulfillment will be its own reward – for now. We are beginning a program to recognize the preceptors who work with our students as clinical faculty.  This is a new program and if you are interested, please let us know. Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you do.