NSSLHA Officers 2018-2019

Your NSSLHA Officers 2018-2019 Left to Right: Mikayla Hoch (Vice President), Shelby Lineberry (Treasurer), Jessica Berry (President), Josh Tuggle (Secretary), and Brooklyn Hamm (Fundraising Coordinator)


October 2nd-11th - MERCHANDISE FUNDRAISER   
    Stop by the front desk to order your sweatshirt!

October 4-11th - Canned Food Drive in support of "Radford Gives Back"

October 9th - Potluck and Panel - Audiology
    11am-12:30pm in Heth 014

October 10th - Audiology Awareness Table
    Bonnie Hulbert Student Center

October 16th - Mingle & Munch with the COSD Bunch
    7-8:30pm in Waldron 227

October 25th - Game Night
    6:30-8:30pm in Waldron 227

October 29-30th - Fall Carnival for Kids in the Clinic
    4-7pm in Waldron College vending machine area


November 6th - NSSLHA Meeting
    11am - 12pm in Heth 043

November 8th - Potluck and Panel - New SLPs and what you need to know about your CF year
    6-8:30pm in Heth 014

November 26-30th - CoCo for Coats - Coat Drive

November 27th - Mingle & Munch with the COSD Bunch - learn how to study for exams!
    7-9pm in Waldron 227

November 29th - Game Night
    6:30-8:30pm in Waldron 227


December 4th - Potluck/Meeting - Christmas themed
    11-12:30pm in Heth 014

December 6th - Game Night/Destressor
    6:30-8:30 in Waldron 227


February 5th - Craft Night for Valentine's Day
   5:00 pm in Waldron 227

February 12th - Potluck & Panel - Blake Moses
   6:00 pm in Waldron 227

February 15th - Valentines Delivery - Heritage Hall

February 21st - Game Night/Destressor
   6:30-8:30 in Waldron 227

February 26th - T-shirts and Tie Dye


March 4th-8th - T-shirt Sales

March 5th - NSSLHA Meeting
   3:30 pm in Bonnie Room 250

March 18th-23rd - Hat Sales

March 25th-29th - Faculty Box Raffle

March 28th - Mingle and Much - Activity Swap
   6:30 pm in Waldron 226


April 2nd - Autism Awareness Table

April 2nd - NSSLHA Meeting
   3:30 in Waldron 226

April 4th - Tie Dye Event
   6:30 pm on Waldron Lawn

April 8th-9th - Spring Carnival
   4-7 pm Vending Machine Area, Waldron Hall

April 11th - Mingle and Munch - What to Expect Senior Year
   7:00 pm in Waldron 226

April 18th - Waldron College Symposium
   1-3 pm in Heth Hall

April 23rd - Bowling Game Night
   6-8 pm in Bonnie


May 3rd - End of the Year Banquet
   5:00 Bonnie Combo Room


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