Literacy Outreach Services

Contemporary school-based, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) must recognize that children’s academic achievements are affected by interrelated processes of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Accordingly, the Radford University Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders offers language and literacy services to school-age children struggling with word reading or spelling, storytelling, written composition, or reading comprehension. These services are provided by the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic housed in Waldron College. The language and literacy efforts have included: (a) pre-professional training for enrolled university students, (b) continuing education offerings for working professionals, (c) direct instructional service provision to children in the region with language and literacy difficulties, and (d) indirect educational services such as family literacy supports.
Children who receive language and literacy services offered through the Waldron College Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic reflect a range of ages, from the later preschool years through adolescence. The language and literacy behaviors addressed are designed to align to speech, language, and communication services provided to children with difficulties with the state of Virginia and Common Core curriculum standards. Service provision includes varied service delivery models, including individual, group, and summer program options. Behaviors targeted include language and literacy skills such as: story re/telling, sound awareness, letter-sound correspondence, story comprehension, decoding, encoding, reading comprehension, oral reading fluency, and written expression.