Our Core Values

The COSD strategic plan is driven by these core values:

We value, encourage, and support

  • academic excellence;
  • evidence-based practice;
  • collegial working relationships among students, faculty, administrators, staff, clients, families, caregivers, and the broader professional community;
  • diversity and the richness it adds to our university;
  • ethical behavior of all members of our university community;
  • fiduciary responsibility by everyone who is part of our university family;
  • a challenging academic environment;
  • intellectual and artistic curiosity and creativity;
  • education as a lifelong pursuit;
  • academic freedom and debate;
  • a global perspective in all faculty, staff, and students;
  • a caring and nurturing faculty and staff;
  •  freedom of thought and expression;
  • being an active partner in the viability of our region; and
  • shared governance and participation at all levels within the university