Strategic Plan

The department’s strategic plan was approved by faculty members on January 11, 2008. This plan was adapted from and constructed to be parallel to the Radford University strategic plan, 7-17, Forging a Bold New Future, which was approved by the Radford University Board of Visitors on August 23, 2007.

The COSD faculty obtained input from students and staff in the process of identifying those elements of the university’s plan that were most pertinent to the department’s needs over the next 10 years. Like the university’s plan, the COSD plan recognizes and embraces the strengths and traditions of Radford University, but focuses on change, on innovations, and even on distinct departures that will enhance learning experiences for students, improve faculty teaching and scholarship, improve the academic reputation of the department, and provide educational opportunities for the future citizens of the Commonwealth and beyond.

Like Radford University 7-17, the COSD strategic plan reflects the following planning assumptions:

  • This strategic plan is an aspirational statement, with initiatives and action steps that will challenge and stretch COSD faculty, staff, and students. The plan is focused on academic excellence
  • The overarching criterion for including any proposal was “Will this initiative, objective or action step enhance COSD’s ability to meet its mission and help Radford University achieve its vision?”
  • The mission of the department, like the Radford University Mission, remains unchanged
  • The Core Values of the department are parallel to Radford University 7-17, but include discipline specific values in addition to those of the university.
  • The Strategic Directions and Goals of COSD 7-17 enhance and clarify what the faculty and staff want to accomplish, but do not replace the Goals and Objectives for Student Outcomes.