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Waldron Hall
PO Box 6970
Radford, VA 24142
Phone: 540-831-7600
Fax: 540-831-7744

Dean's Office

Dr. Kenneth M. Cox
Dean, Professor
343 Waldron Hall

Dr. Glen Mayhew
Associate Dean

Ms. Monica Rich
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean
344 Waldron Hall

Academic Advising

All Waldron College students with fewer than 56 credit hours, undeclared students, first-year transfer students, and students who have been readmitted and are initially in poor academic standing are assigned a professional academic advisor in the Academic Success Center.

Ms. Samantha Wilhelmi
Lead Academic Advisor in the Academic Success Center
302 Young Hall

Students at Radford University Carilion or main campus students who have earned 56 or more credits, are assigned to a faculty advisor within their major department. These students can look up their faculty advisor in their Starfish network or are welcome to email or stop by during their faculty advisor’s designated office hours.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Diane C. Millar
Department Chair and Professor
109 Waldron Hall

Holly Neal Whorley
Administrative Assistant
127 Waldron Hall

Occupational Therapy

Dr. Sarah Smidl
Interim Chair and Assistant Professor
128 Waldron Hall

Ms. Pamela Moore
Administrative Assistant
192 Waldron Hall

Physical Therapy

Dr. Kevin Chui
Department Chair and Professor
8th Floor RUC

Rachel Reynolds
Administrative Assistant
8th Floor RUC

School of Social Work

Dr. Diane M. Hodge
Director and Professor
222 Waldron Hall

Ms. Cynthia Whitehead
Administrative Assistant
220 Waldron Hall

Clinical Health Professions

Chase Poulsen, PhD, RRT-NPS, ACCS
Chair, Department of Clinical Health Professions
Associate Professor and Program Director
Respiratory Therapy Program
Radford University Carilion (10th Floor)

Jennifer Fleming
Administrative Assistant
Radford University Carilion (10th Floor)


Physician Assistant

Sara Nicely, D.H.Ed, PA-C
Department Chair and Program Director
Associate Professor
Radford University Carilion (9th Floor)

Public Health and Healthcare Leadership

Sallie Beth Johnson, PhD, MPH, MCHES®
Chair, Department of Public Health and Healthcare Leadership
Assistant Professor & Program Director
Radford University Carilion (9th Floor)

Melissa Roberts
Administrative Assistant
Radford University Carilion (9th Floor)
540-985-8021 (fax)