RN-to-BSN Admission Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nursing comply with regulations governing baccalaureate degrees at Radford University. An individual may be admitted to the post-licensure track based upon the following eligibility criteria if he/she:  

  • Holds an Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing from a State-approved program.
  • Holds an active Registered Nurse license with the Virginia Board of Nursing or a Nurse Licensure Compact state or hold an active Registered Nurse license in another state and be eligible for licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Has at least a 2.5 G.P.A. on all nursing courses attempted and 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Has not withdrawn from any two nursing courses, earned a grade of “C-“ or below in any two nursing courses, or have a combination of one nursing course grade of “C-“ or below and one withdrawal from a nursing course at any nursing program; the only exception to this policy is withdrawal from a nursing program for documented extenuating circumstances (i.e. medical withdrawal).
  • Has been admitted to Radford University

Admission Timeline

Students are admitted each fall and spring semester. Deadlines for applications are rolling, but applications should be submitted in ample time for faculty, administrative personal and students to be able to prepare for the upcoming semester. You will have to be accepted to the university and to the School of Nursing.