Dual Enrollment

Student’s in the RN-BSN program are eligible for dual enrollment.  Dual Enrollment allows students to use combined enrollment hours at Radford University and a host intuition toward their overall enrollment hours. The Financial Aid Office will use this information to determine each student’s financial aid eligibility based on overall enrollment between both institutions.

Students in the RN-BSN program whose combined enrollment will be 6 credits or greater are eligible to apply for financial aid. To do so, the student will need to complete the Intent to Dual Enroll Application at the same time the student is applying for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students will need to follow the undergraduate application process to apply for financial aid.

Please follow the link below to the Intent to Dual Enroll Application found on the Radford University Financial Aid homepage. This application is only to be used for students who are required to take college classes at another college at the same time as part of their Radford University special degree program. 


Admission into the special programs will be confirmed with the Registrar's Office prior to processing of this application. 

In addition to this form, the student must have their advisor complete the “APPROVAL FOR TRANSFER CREDIT” form each semester that he/ she plans to dually enroll.  This form is also available on the Financial Aid website (www.radford.edu/~finaid) under forms or follow the link below.


A Consortium Agreement will be sent to the student to complete with their advisor once the Financial Aid Office has received the Intent to Dual Enroll Application, Transfer Credit Approval Form, and has confirmed that the student is part of one of Radford University’s special degree programs. Once the Consortium Agreement has been completed by the student and their advisor, the student will submit the form to the Financial Aid Office and the Dual Enrollment Coordinator will finalize the agreement with the host school. As part of the requirements of the Department of Education the student cannot receive any financial aid for dual enrollment until the Consortium Agreement has been approved by the host school and classes between both institutions have been confirmed.

Financial Aid will not be disbursed to the student prior to classes starting at Radford University.  We will only be able to process aid for combined enrollment once courses at Radford University and the host school have been confirmed.  Any payments required by the host school will have to be paid out of pocket by the student unless other arrangements have been made between the host school and student.

Deadlines for all dual enrollment financial aid documents are listed on Radford University Financial Aid Dual Enrollment Forms.  Students will need to monitor these deadlines for dual enrollment and have all dual enrollment forms submitted by this deadline each semester.

For any additional questions regarding dual enrollment please contact the Financial Aid Office directly.  Please see contact information below.

Financial Aid Office
Box 6905
169 Heth Hall
Radford University
Radford, VA 24142

Telephone: 540-831-5408
Text Message: 540-328-9360
Fax: 540-831-5138