2011 - 2012

God of Carnage Gallery

God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton
October 14-15, 20-22, 8pm
October 23, 2pm

When two couples meet to discuss an incident between their children will there be a civilized discussion on child-rearing or a crazy fracas of name-calling, blame-placing and hysterics before bedtime?

Kids will be kids, but grownups can be, oh, so much worse!

Pridemore Playhouse


Life Under Water by Richard Greenberg
November 9-11, 8pm
November 12, 2pm & 8pm

Young Kip has a dilemma...everybody has to grow up. But how do you do that without turning into one of the "phonies" you see all around? A bright, sometimes caustic tale from the early pen of playwright Richard Greenberg, Life Under Water sheds a harsh light on coming of age in an idle, self-serving world.

Hawes Studio Theatre

The Ice Wolf Gallery

The Ice Wolf by Joanna Halpert Kraus
December 3, 10am & 2pm

A legend is whispered through the Great Northland of Anatou, a girl born among the Inuit but who was different. Cast out by her people she embarks on a quest born of hate to find that redemption is more satisfying than revenge.

Pridemore Playhouse


Jason Krage - Musical Theatre Showcase
December 11, 4pm

Senior Theatre Major Jason Krage presents a musical theatre showcase in Pridemore Playhouse. This is the culmination of a semester-long study in musical theatre which Krage has undertaken and presents an “overview” of styles and genres from his perspective. The performance will feature Krage’s classmates Bussy Gower, Chandish Nester and Felix Birdie.

Pridemore Playhouse

The Voice of the Prairie Gallery

The Voice of the Prairie by John Olive
February 22-24th, 8pm
February 25, 2pm & 8pm

Rattling train cars, plunging cliff sides, hunger, danger waiting...sounds like the stuff of scintillating radio drama, but these were the adventures of two cast off kids called by the boundless, empty land of mid-America. John Olive's The Voice of the Prairie unites their moving story with the story of how the fledgling magic medium of radio transformed the American landscape.

Hawes Studio Theatre

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Gallery

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum by Stephen Sondheim, Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart
March 22-24, 8pm
March 25, 2pm

Bring on the lovers, liars, and clowns…add music, dance, and “Comedy Tonight” to complete the recipe for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. The College of Visual and Performing Arts proudly presents Stephen Sondheim’s musical tour de farce, with a hilarious book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart, and featuring RU’s talented theatre, dance, and music students.

Pridemore Playhouse


Dark Side: A Senior Project by Adam Taylor
April 13 & 14, 7pm

Lighting Design student Adam Taylor explores the mystical convergence of sound, movement and light in a multi-sensory spectacle not to be missed!

Pridemore Playhouse


Unquiet: An Honors Capstone Project by Bussy Gower
April 15, 5 pm

Bussy Gower’s Capstone Project highlights the leading women in vaudeville of the early 20th century. As young Ellie Stephens, who must break free from her timid disposition to break into the wild, wonderful world of vaudeville, Gower presents the song and dance scene of the courageous and “unquiet” women of one of the past's most popular entertainment forms.

Pridemore Playhouse


Making a Scene: Compromised Sanity
April 25-28, 7pm

Students of the Advanced Directing class present an evening of one act plays. In keeping with its theme, this year's collection is an eclectic bag of zany and thought-provoking works with something for every taste. Three different plays will be presented each evening alternating through the run in Hawes Studio Theatre.

April 25 and 27 Noah Kaplan, Chris Creane and Chris Saunders present.
April 26 and 28 Stephen Baltz, Katie Beliveau and Bussy Gower present.

All tickets are free and available the week of the shows in the Porterfield box office. Seating is limited.

Pridemore Playhouse


2 Days, 10 Plays
April 29, 7:30pm
April 30, 5 pm

New play readings from the Department of Theatre's Playwriting class (THEA 360). Admission is free.

April 29:
  A Meeting with Descoteaux by Kirstin Smith
  Riddle Me This by Ryan Waide
  One of Those Days by Keelia McCaffrey
  We Stopped Believing in Tomorrow by Justin Wood
  The Angel's Three Way by Jake Wood

April 30:
  A Hero's Beginning by Nathaniel Reardon
  Hand Me Down by Adam Taylor
  Zippy's by Mandi Sorenson
  Flowers on the Wall by Dave Horn
  Into a Mind of Madness by Brian Lawson
Please note: For mature audiences only.

Pridemore Playhouse