Scene Shop Project Policy

All students interested in participating in shop as a component of Theatre 100 must sign up and must attend an orientation session as detailed below. In order to receive credit for working in the scene shop students must follow all guidelines as laid out in this document.  

Sign-up and Scheduling

Sign-up for shop hours will be open for two weeks and then will close. Sign-ups will be on a first come, first served basis.

Sign-up must include all contact information and be signed off by the Scene Shop Supervisor.

Students who are signed up correctly and find they need to alter their hours will be allowed to do so. These changes must be cleared with the Shop Supervisor. Any changes in scheduling are at the discretion of the Shop Supervisor.

Hours and commitment

Students are required to complete 10 hours of shop time. These hours can be completed in 2 or 4 hour blocks. Hours have to be a minimum of 2 hour blocks. All 10 hours must be accomplished in a three week period. Extra hours are to be scheduled AFTER all the students’ regular hours have been completed and after scheduling has closed.


  • Students who no-call, no-show will owe double hours for hours missed.
  • After two no-call, no-shows the student will no longer be allowed to work in the shop.

NOTE: It is the shop policy that students who are on time and prepared for the start of shop and are not needed are granted full credit for that time. This applies to situations that occur that do not give the students enough time to reschedule their hours (typically less than 48 hours’ notice.)


All Theatre 100 students are required to attend a 2-hour orientation.  If the student misses the orientation session without reasonable excuse completing shop hours for Theatre 100 will no longer be an option.

Dates of the orientation sessions will be determined per semester. There will be six orientation sessions (three days, twice daily.) Typically, these sessions are offered from 1-3 pm and 3-5 pm. Each session is limited to 8 students.

Students who add the class after the scheduled orientation dates will be allowed to do the Theatre 100 shop project only if they schedule an individual orientation session with the shop.

The orientation will cover:

  • Arriving/signing out
  • Shop safety procedures
  • Tool usage and training
  • Hands on experience using power tools