Recommended Student Supply List

As a theatre student, there are items in addition to class textbooks and regular school supplies you will need to obtain.*

Performance Students

All performance classes and many rehearsals require adherence to a dress code. Clothes for class should allow you to move freely, safely, and without embarrassment. Consult your instructor or your director with any questions about what is appropriate to wear to class and rehearsal. In addition to rehearsal clothes, you will find it helpful to bring in clothing items which approximate the costume you'll wear.

Appropriate examples of what to wear for class/rehearsal: t-shirts, sweats, dance wear, running shorts, dance shoes, tennis shoes, hair tied back.

Unsafe/inappropriate to wear: Clothes that don't fit or cover you well, high heels, skirts, dressy clothes, flip flops, hats, clunky shoes, boots, tight or ripped jeans, dangly jewelry, piercings that inhibit speech or free movement, baseball caps.

Additional items you will need as a performance student:

· Rehearsal skirt
· Rehearsal jacket
· Character shoes
· Hard-soled dress shoes
· Tights
· Makeup - Ben Nye makeup kit (available at the RU bookstore)

Technical/Design Students

For work in the scene shop, wear work clothes you are willing to get dirty. Safety is also a consideration when choosing these clothes. T-shirts and jeans made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, are best. Do not wear worn or ripped clothing as it potentially can cause injury. Wear closed-toed shoes, sneakers or preferably boots, and pants or shorts. Sandals, dress shoes or any other form of non-protective shoe are unacceptable. Tie hair back from your face and avoid rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or any dangly jewelry. Stud earrings are acceptable.

You will be asked to leave a work call if your attire is not appropriate. Consult your instructor, technical director or scene shop supervisor about what is appropriate to wear.

All students who are completing shop hours need to follow the dress code at all times.

Below is a list of basic supplies you will need as a technical student:

· Scene Shop: tape measure, 8” crescent wrench
· Costume Shop: fabric scissors
· Running Crews: blacks (black shirt, black pants, black shoes and black socks), flashlight with clip

*Please note: As all theatre students are required at some point to work on a running crew, it is advised all majors and minors have the appropriate black clothing or “blacks" (see technical/design students requirements).