Department Policies

Minimum GPA Requirement

The department requires a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 in the major for graduation.

Production Participation

Any student on academic probation at the beginning of a given semester may not be cast or hold a crew position beyond registered class requirements during that semester. Performance students are still required to audition.

Activities Outside Of The Department

The department requires all theatre majors to receive written permission from the department chair prior to accepting any theatrical work--whether design, technical or performance-- with any production or project outside the Department of Theatre and Cinema during the fall and spring semesters.

Student Involvement

Theatre majors are required to participate in the production program of the department each semester. With respect to this, each student will receive a specific assignment each semester. Students are encouraged to participate as much as their schedules allow.


Except in cases where race or gender is fundamental to the story, casting is decided on the basis of ability.


Every major is required to attend the strike for each main stage production.  Any absence must be approved by the department chair prior to strike. Students involved as cast or crew of studio productions are required to attend strike for those productions.

Monthly Departmental

All majors are required to attend the monthly department meeting.  Any absence must be approved by the department chair prior to the meeting. These meetings are typically held the first Monday of each month at 5 pm.

Class/Rehearsal Attendance

Students unable to attend class are disallowed from attending shop or rehearsal on that same day. When absent from class, the student should contact their teacher, shop supervisor and/or director as soon as possible.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

The Department of Theatre subscribes to and upholds the university’s policies regarding the use of alcohol and drugs. The use of, or being under the influence of or in the possession of, these substances in the classroom, shop work spaces, rehearsal or performance setting is not permitted.

In cases where the student is alleged to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or their behavior presents a concern for the health and safety of those around them or a compromise of the integrity of the academic process, the student will likely be referred to the university’s conduct process.

Such behavior will also likely result in an interim removal from the class, production or other projects pending the outcome of this process; should a student be found responsible by the university conduct board, further sanctions may be imposed as deemed fit by the theatre faculty.

In the event of such action, it is likely that the student will be required to meet with the department chair and/or the faculty member directly involved to discuss the student’s future in the program.

Student Representatives*

One student representative is selected to serve as:

  • Student Department Representative (Student nominated and selected by faculty)
  • Student Member of the Season Selection and Review Committee (Student nominated and selected by faculty). Representative cannot be a graduating senior.
  • Student From Each Class (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior) to Chairs. Advisory Committee (Student nominated and voted upon by each class)

*Criteria for nomination are consistent with the department’s policy regarding production activities.  All students wishing to hold a position must be able to serve, and be in good standing with the department, college, and university. No student on academic probation can hold a major position on any such committee.