Hawes Studio Theatre

Guidelines for Use and Care of the Hawes Studio Theatre

Hawes Studio Theatre

Props, scenery, costumes, etc. may be stored in the closet in the Hawes Studio Theatre.  The studio is to be kept clean at all times. Following rehearsal all production elements are to be stored appropriately with The theatre being restored to its classroom setup.  Any heavy equipment (i.e. piano, ladder, Genie Lift, etc.) must be moved daily and not be allowed to remain stationary for any length of time.

Stock studio furnishings must be stored according to posted ground plans (see image).

  • All items must be LIFTED and carried or rolled. DO NOT SLIDE ON THE FLOOR at any time to avoid gouging.
  • Metal chairs and furniture without floor glides or rubber tips will gouge the floor.  Please remove any units, which cannot be used safely. Exposed metal edges are a safety hazard.
  • Spike (for floor plans) should be removed by the stage manager following the conclusion of rehearsals.  DO NOT SCRAPE THE TAPE OFF WITH TOOLS.
  • Pianos may be rolled on the floor and must be moved daily when used in the Studio.  To reiterate, a piano must not be stored permanently in the Studio.
  • Other heavy equipment, including the Hijacker, may be used temporarily but not stored overnight in this space.
  • NO NAILS OR SCREWS are to be used to FASTEN ITEMS to the floor.
  • The floor should be swept and dry or wet mopped with soap and water only.
  • Your assistance in supervising the proper maintenance of the pneumatic floor will ensure the department’s ability to provide a safe environment for all acting/directing classes and Studio productions.

Studio directors may not enlist the services of department student assistants as performer, designer, crew chief, stage manager, technician, etc., without the written consent of the faculty supervisor to whom that assistant is responsible.

The director is personally responsible for making sure that all of his/her cast and crews observe the guidelines for the Studio Theatre plus all regulations governing Radford University Theatre at large.  Fire regulations and all other laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia must strictly be observed.