Backstage Safety Rules

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building at any time.   

DO NOT tamper with safety equipment.

Know placement and how to operate:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Asbestos curtain         
  • Emergency ("panic") lighting
  • Panic exit doors and fire doors
  • Stage lifts and elevator
  • Personnel lifts (Genie and Hijacker)
  • Counterweight line sets

Remain calm in an emergency.

Know where the emergency exits are.  Plan what you would do if the asbestos curtain must be lowered during an emergency.

Know where the first aid kit is and how to use it.

Have access to a cell or other phone for emergency purposes and make sure the appropriate emergency numbers are available.

Observe all warning signs, barriers and lights.

Leave ghost light and safety lights turned on when exiting theatre.

Unauthorized visitors are not allowed in the stage area or dressing rooms before, during or after performance. Unsupervised children are not allowed backstage at any time.

Never work in the theatre space or shop areas alone.