Auditions for Upcoming Shows




The Twilight of the Golds

By Jonathan Tolins
Directed by Wesley Young

WHEN: Monday, Aug. 22 and Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 6:30 pm

WHERE: Bondurant Auditorium

WHAT: Be prepared to introduce yourself and talk for roughly a minute about a time you were faced with an important choice. This story does not have to be upsetting or traumatic. Then there will be a brief conversation with the director. This will be followed by reading from the script.  

Content Advisory: Discussion of abortion; some mature language.

Seeking actors eager to work fast, work hard, have fun, and explore complex issues and emotions.


David Gold, late twenties. Charming, sensitive, gay, aspiring set designer. A fervent Wagner fan. The actor playing David dances with his sister as they recall their childhood. He uses strong language briefly.

Suzanne Gold-Stein, early thirties, his sister. Bright, attractive. Feels as if she never lived up to her own potential. Works as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s department store. The actor playing Suzanne engages in a mild degree of intimacy with the actor playing Rob.

Rob Stein, early thirties, Suzanne’s husband. A genetic researcher. A handsome, decent fellow. Still feels like an outsider in his wife’s family. The actor playing Rob engages in a mild degree of intimacy with the actor playing Suzanne.

Phyllis Gold, fifties, David and Suzanne’s mother. An elegant woman, smarter than she sometimes lets on. Perpetually worried about her children.

Walter Gold, fifties, David and Suzanne’s father. A sometimes gruff New York businessman. Far more sensitive than he often appears.


• Bring headshot and resume (if you have these). • Bring your personal class/work/personal calendar for fall semester; you will need to provide these with any conflicts including evenings and weekends.

• Rehearsals will begin Aug. 24; the play runs Sept. 27-Oct. 2. There is a high school performance 10 am, Sept. 28 for which cast, and crew will need to miss classes.

• The rehearsal and all schedules are subject to change with respect to University and Virginia health regulations.

Please contact Wesley Young at with questions.



THE HOUSE OF YES -- Audition


The House of Yes

By Wendy MacLeod
Directed By Frey Bendele

When: Thursday, August 25th and Friday, August 26th at 6:30 PM

Where: Bondurant Auditorium

What: Prepare by reading the play; locate and memorize a 1-2 minute comedic or dramatic monologue to present at the audition. Seeking: Five actors with a strong work ethic and sense of comedy, willing to explore the directions pure love can go when relationships become warped. 

Content advisory: sexual situations, incest, alcohol use, and gun violence.


Jackie-O- Mid-twenties, glamourous, stubborn, insane. Marty’s twin and lover. She believes that she is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The actor playing Jackie-O handles a gun and engages in intimacy with the actor for Marty.

Marty- Mid-twenties, charming, a whirlwind. Jackie-O’s twin and lover. He wants out of the family but keeps getting sucked back in. The actor playing Marty engages in intimacy with the actors playing Lesly and Jackie-O.

Mrs. Pascal- Late-fifties, widowed, elegant, put-together, a high-functioning alcoholic. She is desperate to keep the status quo.

Anthony- Early-twenties, goofy, manipulative, lonely. He feels invisible and a disappointment. The actor playing Anthony uses strong language and engages in intimacy with the actor for Lesly.

Lesly- Mid-twenties, beautiful, salt of the earth, poor. Marty’s fiancée. An outsider to the family. The actor playing Lesly engages in intimacy with the actors playing Marty and Anthony.


  • Bring your headshot and resume.
  • Bring your personal class/work/personal calendar for fall semester; you must provide these with any conflicts including evenings and weekends.
  • Rehearsals will begin around September 12th; the play runs October 19th -23rd
  • The rehearsal and all other schedules are subject to change with respect to University and Virginia health regulations.

For any questions, please contact Frey Bendele at





The Rainbow Fish Musical

Script, music and lyrics by Austin Zumbro
Adapted from the book written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister
Translated into English by J. Alison James
Director-Choreographer: Robyn Berg
Music Director: Kole Butler
Assistant Director: Drue Maggio

WHEN: Sunday August 28th at 6pm and Monday August 29th at 6pm. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED YOU ATTEND THE FIRST DAY OF AUDITIONS, as the majority of Monday night will focus on callbacks, with singing, dancing and readings from the script.

WHERE: Trinkle Hall B-01.

WHAT: The international bestseller and award-winning book, The Rainbow Fish, becomes a musical romp through the ocean showcasing a wonderful message of friendship and belonging. When the Rainbow Fish refuses to share his beautiful scales, the other sea creatures turn against him. Unhappy that no one adores him anymore, the Rainbow Fish seeks out the wise Octopus who helps him learn it is far better to be admired for being kind than for being beautiful.

Please come with a 1-minute poem, nursery rhyme, selection from a children’s book, or comedic monologue AND 16 bars of an up-tempo song. Music selections are to be printed front and back in a 3-ring binder or attached to a manila folder. No a cappella or tracks—an accompanist will be provided. Bring a headshot and résumé (if you have them). Please have your complete class/work/life schedule for September 19th through November 15th with you as well.

If asked to return or stay for callbacks, be prepared to sing from the show, read from the script and learn a dance combo. Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes (no flip-flops, heels, hats, or big/noisy jewelry) that will allow freedom of movement.

SEEKING: 5-9 performers, who can sing, dance and act. Performers will have to miss some classes on November 11, 14 and 15 to perform for area school children. The available roles are:

Rainbow Fish- young, self-centered, worth has been defined by beauty

Little Fish- unafraid, curious, believes being annoying is acceptable if it leads to results

Starfish- the court jester, a happy and unflappable simpleton

Ms. Minnow- the teacher, gentle and guiding

Octopus- the soothsayer, a sage who lives far from the coral reef the others dwell in

Pufferfish- the stuffy aristocrat, style editor for the Coral Chronicles

Hermit Crab- a kid-crab, a happy-go-lucky nerd Sardine- a kid-fish, a little sarcastic

Clownfish- another stuffy aristocrat, Garden Society president

Auditions are open to all students regardless of major or year in school. Please direct any questions to



  • Auditions typically happen in the first two weeks of each semester. Occasionally an exception occurs in which a spring production may audition late in the fall semester.
  • RU Theatre auditions are open, meaning anyone can audition. You don’t have to be a theatre major. Community members may audition also with the understanding that priority in casting will go to RU students.
  • Most of our auditions require prepared material. If you are not a theatre student and don’t know how to prepare and present the requested material, usually something will be supplied to you to read. Theatre majors, however, are required to prepare according to the requirements for a given audition. In the case of plays requiring very specific skills such as singing in a musical, auditionees are highly encouraged to prepare the appropriate material.
  • Performance majors are required to audition for ALL productions. More on this below. 

Other audition “words to the wise”:

  • When it comes to auditions, one of the few things in your control is your level of preparation.  Reading the play is, arguably, the most important thing you can do to prepare. The plays are available from bookstores, online vendors and/or the play publishers. 
  •  It is the expectation that all performance students audition for all shows. Our auditions are designed to provide a variety of audition experiences so take advantage of these experiences right from the start. Every audition is one more step toward becoming comfortable with the process. In addition, it allows the faculty to see your work right away.
  • Take care not to “type” yourself at this point. Prepare, come on out and let the directors decide what you are “right for.” Certainly, if there is a role you are dying to play, or you are “perfect for,” shoot for that, but keep an open mind and don’t allow the attitude of “all these characters are older and I am only 18” stop you from coming to auditions. In university theatre the plays are produced to give you the opportunity to work on them.
  • Auditions are intimidating. Talk to the upperclassmen; use the performance faculty as a resource to answer your questions. However, no matter how much inquiry you make there will be no substitute for doing your personal preparation –reading the scripts, looking up unfamiliar words/references, making choices, being familiar with what the director is looking for (read audition notices carefully), getting rest, planning to dress appropriately, knowing where you are going and arriving early to sign in, warm up, etc.
  • It is smart to attend the first night of auditions if at all possible.
  • Once you are in the audition it is important to listen to instructions, have a positive attitude, be flexible when the unexpected happens, focus on what you are doing, and, of course, that age-old challenge…allow yourself to be at ease so you can do your best work.