Arts Society

Founded nearly 30 years ago, the Arts Society’s mission is to support creativity, award winning talent, performances, community outreach, and student scholarship. Supporters do so by generously donating their time, money and partnership to the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Because of the Arts Society, the College of Visual and Performing Arts continues to provide over 100 scholarships for young artists each year. In addition to scholarship support, our donors help student artists participate in college touring ensembles, study abroad opportunities, international conferences and guest artist residencies.

Make your gift today to join the Radford University Arts Society, our most loyal group of supporters!

Your gift of any amount to any department, program or initiative within the College of Visual and Performing Arts earns you recognition in our Arts Society, including access to performance and exhibit announcements, invitations to special events, and opportunities to meet the artists.

For more information on the Arts Society, please contact University Advancement at 540-831-5407.

2017 – 2018 Arts Society Members

Recognition in the Arts Society is based on total annual giving to the College of Visual and Performing Arts in the prior fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Golden Circle ($5,000+)

Mr. William C. Davis and Mrs. Sandra C. Cupp Davis
Dr. Richard Harshberger and Ms. Kathleen Harvey Harshberger '80
Leslie E. Hawes '06
Lilli H. Hawes
Mr. Gerard P. Mullane and Mrs. Brenda Winfrey Mullane '78
Mr. Frank D. Porter, III and Mrs. Beverly Vaden Porter '63
Dr. Joseph P. Scartelli and Mrs. Fran Di Maggio Scartelli '84
Ms. Julie Snyder

Silverman Circle ($2,500-$4,999)

Ms. Margaret T. Devaney
Dr. Myrl G. Jones and Mrs. Lorene Jones
Dr. Rosalyn M. Lester
Dr. Johann A. Norstedt
The Presser Foundation

Bronze Circle ($1,000-$2,499)

Dr. David L. Albig and Dr. Pegeen Albig
Dr. Richard Bay and Mrs. Patricia Buchanan '06
Mr. Reginald C. Berry and Mrs. Karen Garner Berry '72
Mr. J. Frank Clark and Mrs. Palma Moyer Clark '73, M.S. '77
Dr. Holly L. Cline
Mr. Mark Stephen Curran '82 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Curran
Mr. James T. Harman '92
Dr. and Mrs. R. Graham Hoskins
Mr. Gary Israel
The Dorothy M. Gillespie Foundation
Mr. Lawrence Laramay and Mrs. Karen Lackey Laramay '78
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Lefko
Mr. Garland McKenzie and Mrs. Barbara Emory McKenzie '79
Mrs. Billie Linder Mills '75
Dr. Joseph Falkinham III and Mrs. Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham
Mr. Anthony Testa and Mrs. Christine Anne Testa '93
Mr. Thomas Nicholas Troisi and Mrs. Jacqueline Bahre Troisi '78

Celebrity Circle ($500-$999)

Dr. Andrew S. Arbury III
Dr. H. Pat Artis and Mrs. Nancy E. Artis '73
Mr. William H. Bondurant and Ms. Rebecca Bondurant
Colley Architects PC
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Flory
Dr. Ronald Charles Kugler and Ms. Janet M. Hahn
Dr. and Mrs. C. William Hickam, Jr.
Ms. Mary E. James
Mr. Warren Kark and Mrs. Margie Branscome Kark '67, M.S '70
Mrs. Linda W. Kline
Dr. Ronald Charles Kugler and Ms. Janet M. Hahn
Mr. Jay McKenzie and Mrs. Beverly Gordon McKenzie '77
Dr. David J. Moore and Mrs. Priscilla M. Moore, M.S. '68
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Nicely
Mr. Robert L. Nicholson III
NRV Friends/Roanoke Symphony
Retail Design Institute
Dr. Dana G. Rose
Andrew Ross Photography & Design
Ms. Jennifer F. Spoon
Mr. Sylvester Stanley and Mrs. Gaby Lomascolo Stanley '71
Dr. Maurice W. Stewart and Dr. Anna Lee Stewart
The Honorable Robert Turk and Mrs. Laura Beitz Turk '87, M.S. '90
Ms. Merle Vorster
Mr. Michael C. Vorster

Associate Circle ($250-$499)

Ms. danah bella
Dr. Robert R. Sheehy and Ms. Kathleen S. Brennan
Ms. Karen Branscome Casteele '79
Mr. R. Bruce Cunningham and Mrs. Bonnie B. Cunningham '80
Dr. Betty Dore and Mr. Richard E. Dore
Dr. Farrell D. Doss
Dr. Bill Epstein and Mrs. Vickie Epstein '09
Mr. Fred Gent and Ms. Angela Gent
Dr. Katherine W. Hawkins
Mr. Ken Smith and Ms. Leslie King
Miss Katharine D. Stevens '99
Dr. Kathy S. Mitchell and Mr. Jim Mitchell
Mr. Ronald Dean Nolan, Jr. '91 and Mrs. Lori Game Nolan '91
NRV Charitable Trust
Dr. George D. Parish and Mrs. Jimmie Brownson Parish '78
Mr. Kenneth Duncan and Mrs. Tambria Scruggs-Duncan '81
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Semones
Dr. Robert R. Sheehy and Ms. Kathleen S. Brennan
Mr. Frank Simmons III and Mrs. Judith Diana Simmons
Dr. Diane Mar Spresser '65
Mr. Robert E. St. John and Mrs. Mary Farias St. John '81
Dr. Yvonne V. Thayer
Mrs. Barbara D. Turk
Dr. and Mrs. Morton C. Wilhelm

Supporters ($100-$249)

Dr. Liz Altieri and Mr. H. Wilson Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Alvarez
Mr. Keith Andrew Amidon '14
Mr. Benjamin Thomas Bondurant
Mr. Daniel William Boothe '06 and Ms. Andrea Dawn Boothe '06
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Borling
Dr. Jack W. Brockway
Mr. Robert Hardy Buchanan
Mr. Kevin Burk and Mrs. Carrie Dorsey Burk '03
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Burton
Mr. Chris Bushong and Mrs. Mary Graham Bushong '98
Ms. Janet S. Cahoon
Mr. Jack C. Caldwell and Mrs. Betty Puryear Caldwell '73
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Callaham
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Castonguay
Mr. James E. Chase and Mrs. Dorothy Phipps Chase '56
Mr. Philip E. Cline
Dr. Kenna M. Colley
Community Foundation of NRV
John and Ann Marie Cox
Mr. Steve Crosby and Mrs. Linda Ortiz Crosby '73
Callie Dalton & Associates, Inc. Long & Foster
Mr. Luther Dickens and Mrs. Helen Dickens '83
Dr. Joan I. Dickinson
Ms. Edith-Anne Pendergraft
Ms. Susan R. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Dunn
Mr. Zheng L. Feng, M.F.A '89 and Mrs. Mei Feng
Mr. David G. Ferrell
Ms. Ann H. Foltz
Foresters Fine Art & Design LLC
Dr. Paul W. Frets and Mrs. Jerry Beverly Frets '69
Mr. Martin J. Galley and Mrs. Michelle Galley
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Wayne Gallops
Mr. Keith Elermander Gardner III '80
Ms. Laura Ellen Gillenwater '70
Mr. Daniel Gordon and Mrs. Evangeline Bailey Gordon '73
Mrs. Barbara Cassada Gosney '68
Dr. Dennis O. Grady and Ms. Martha Stephenson
Mr. Darren D. Hankins '89 and Ms. Doralinda Hankins
Ms. Betty Ann Harrison '77
Ms. Debra Ann Hill
Dr. Robert W. Hiltonsmith
Mr. Michael Hornby and Mrs. Kelsie Tyler Hornby '85
Mr. Raymond David Horton '90 and Mrs. Sandy Horton
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Howdershell
Ms. Cassie Elizabeth Ivey '12
Dr. John B. Jacob
Ms. Clarity James
Mr. John P. Johnson and Mrs. Betty Morris Johnson '76
Ms. Angela M. Joyner
Ms. Jennifer K. Juul
Ms. Nitza Kats
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kelleher
Mr. Robert S. Kindle '83 and Ms. Kelly L. Kindle
Mr. Julian Kirk
Mr. Al Kraft and Mrs. Cynthia Forbes Kraft '80
Mr. William F. Lindgren
Mr. Alec Matthew Lottinville '13
Dr. George Low
Mrs. Mary K. Machac
Mr. Albert Mah '85 and Mrs. Rhonda Counts Mah '87
Ms. Katherine M. McCarthy
Ms. Rosemary McCullough
Dr. Jennifer S. McDonel
Dr. Coreen L. Mett
Mr. Michael Anthony Miano '85 and Mrs. Heather K. Miano '91
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Moore
Mr. Gary Morgan and Mrs. Michelle Stead Morgan '91
Mountain Trotter Inc.
New River Woodworks LLC
Mrs. Nancy Bane Nixon '58
Dr. Eugene A. Periman and Mrs. Barbara Dana Periman '74
Mr. Kirk Phillips and Mrs. Cheryl Reaves Phillips '73
Mrs. Leah Propst Morehead '04
Dr. Tammy R. Robinson
Mr. James Ruhland and Mrs. Jennifer Lee Ruhland '99
Mr. Benjamin A. Rush
Dr. Martin Francis Smith '75
Mr. Mitsunori Someki and Mrs. Sakiko Someki '96
Mr. Matthew Ernest Steidle '02 and Mrs. Karen Elizabeth Steidle '03
Dr. Dennis O. Grady and Ms. Martha Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Stoots
Ms. Kathleen Marie Sullivan
Ms. Robin Rodgers Tatina
Mr. Frank Taylor and Mrs. Ellen S. Taylor '92
Ms. Julie A. Temple
Mr. Jonathan Earl Thomas '88 and Mrs. Donette Thomas
Mr. and Ms. Charles Edgar Thompson, Jr.
Mr. Jim Trask and Ms. Shelley Trask
Mrs. Barbara Z. Tuck '02
Mr. Edward Turner and Mrs. Betty Sturdivant Turner '83
Mr. Steve Vail and Mrs. Ellen Feussner Vail '73
Ms. Sherry L. Wallace
Mr. William R. White
Mr. Tom Whitehead and Mrs. Diane Clary Whitehead '69
Mr. Mike Wilcox and Mrs. Tina Yow Wilcox '83
Mr. Dan Wilson and Mrs. Madeline Jackson Wilson '72
Mr. James D. Worley and Mrs. Linda Moon Worley '64
Mr. Wesley A. Young
Ms. Catherine Ann Zickafoose '80

Friends ($1-$99)

Mr. George D. Akers and Mrs. Nancy Jo Camper Akers '58
Ms. Mary Catherine Ammen
Mr. Michael Ross Anderson '93 and Mrs. Kelsey Anderson '93
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Askins '14
Mr. Harold Bailey '16
Dr. Roann Barris
Ms. Sarah K. Barton '12
Mr. William Scott Baugh '96 and Mrs. Laurie Baugh
Ms. Bria K. Benner
Ms. Rachel L. Berger
Mr. Nathan Elliott Bicak
Mr. Ralph Bickford and Mrs. Bette Rae Bickford '67
Ms. Kristi Ellen Blake '92
Dr. Betty Russell Blasch
Mr. Robert E. Blasch
Mr. Raymond A. Booth and Mrs. Dirie M. Booth '69
Mr. Zachary M. Brodie '13
Mr. Benjamin M. Brown, Jr. and Ms. Ann Hillenbrand Brown '03
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Virgil Burke, Jr.
Ms. Amanda Carrow
Ms. Melissa A. Caton
Mr. Mark Child and Mrs. Martha Knutson Child '80
Mr. Megan K. Clemmons
Mr. Michael J. Clifford and Mrs. Patricia Simmons Clifford '70
Ms. Kailynn P. Coleman
Mr. Ricky J. Coleman and Ms. Regina L. Coleman
Mr. Bobby Combs and Mrs. Wanda Goad Combs '81
The Honorable Vincent Conway, Jr. and Ms. Gynetha Coxwell Conway '66
Ms. Courtney L. Cooper
Mrs. Margaret Daughtry Craft
Ms. Emily Jane Craig '13
Mr. Mark E. Curtis
Mrs. Julia Johnson Demler '60
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Denny
Mr. Alejandro S. Diez
Ms. Kelsey E. Dooley
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Dreher '14
Mr. William F. Duke, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Garrett Duke '67
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edward Eisinger
Mr. Richard Gregory Ellis '01
Mr. Mohammad Ihab Elshawarby '08
Mr. Richard W. Fender '87 and Mrs. Laura Jean Fender '79
Mr. Douglas Wayne Fender '83 and Mrs. Donna Kay Fender '82
Mr. Micheal Ford '16
Ms. Dawn Muir '96
Ms. Lauren N. Gallops
Mr. Ian Armand Gammarino
Mr. Howard S. Gartner and Ms. Gina S. Minges
Ms. Maya L. Garzon
Ms. Rachel Gattoni
Ms. Lisa T. Gattoni
Ms. Danielle N. Glumsic '16
Ms. Caitlin M. Godsey
Ms. Mary Ellen Golcheski
Mr. Bradley Karl Wesseler '02 and Mrs. Denise Marie Goumenis '03
Ms. Danielle M. Green
Ms. Allison P. Gyovai
Ms. Jeanette E. Hadley
Mr. Wallace M. Hampton and Mrs. Judith Bundy Hampton '72
Ms. Molly E. Harvey
Mr. George C. Henry, Jr. '15
Ms. Pascale Hertert
Ms. Sydney M. Hilmon
Ms. Breana Hobbs '16
Mr. Jeffery M. Hoer '83 and Mrs. Jean Elizabeth Hoer '82
Mr. John C. Hollandsworth and Mrs. Kathryn Collins Hollandsworth '74
Ms. Amanda L. Howdershell
Mr. William S. Hoyle
Dr. William E. Hrezo and Dr. Margaret Hrezo
Ms. Megan E. Humphrey
Mr. Thomas J. Iafrate
Mr. Kevin W. Irwin '08
Ms. Brianna S. Johnson '16
Ms. Cynthia Louise Jones '69
Mr. Daniel Jones
Ms. Annemarie Barrett Jones
Mr. Elliot Jonathan Kahn '89
Ms. Heather B. Keplinger
Mr. Sean Klisiewecz '93 and Mrs. Rani Klisiewecz '91
Ms. Brianna Koppelmann
Mrs. Kimberly Parker Lane
Mr. Marty McClanahan and Mrs. Elspeth Lawson-McClanahan '93
Mr. Charlie Lewis and Mrs. Ann Marie Lewis '83
Mrs. Geraldine C. LoMascolo '60
Ms. Jade A. Lomax '16
Ms. Valencia Fisher Lomax
Mr. Stephen D. Long
Ms. Austin Lynch
Mr. Trevor Adam MacBrien '08 and Mrs. Breanna M. MacBrien
Ms. Meredith L. Maiolo
Mr. Norman C. Mann and Mrs. Christina Sponaugle Mann '90
Ms. Allison N. Martin
Ms. Renae Looney Matney
Ms. Kayla E. Mayhew
Mr. Brian Mayhew and Mrs. Tara Mayhew
Ms. Savannah R. McBride '16
Mr. Colton R. McConnell
Mrs. Margaret Lacks McDowell
Mrs. Patricia La Prade McGarvey '59
Dr. Jeanne Mekolichick-Jakoubek
Ms. Amy Kathryn Wilkerson '08
Ms. Sarah Catherine Shirley '14
Mr. Joseph Patrick Miller '83
Ms. Sarah E. Miller
Ms. Alexis B. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Edwin Miller
Mr. Howard S. Gartner and Ms. Gina S. Minges
Ms. Sarah K. Mongold
Ms. Brittany Rae Moore
Mr. James D. Oliver '94 and Mrs. Donna S. Oliver '97
Mr. Ryan T. Owens '16
Ms. Macy G. Parker
Mr. Christopher M Persil '84 and Mrs. Shelly Persil
Mr. Gary K. Phillips and Mrs. Gail Summers Phillips '80
Ms. Connie A. Phillips '02
Ms. Lesly S. Pineda-Manzano
Ms. Kara Pollifrone
Ms. Robyn J. Porterfield
Ms. Kiera L. Richardson
Ms. Allison B. Richter
Ms. Nancy Huff Rodeheaver '67
Ms. Roberta Schaff Ross '69
Ms. Haley E. Ruiz
Mr. Shaun Rye and Mrs. Tina Kuykendall Rye '94
Mr. Kevin T. Schmidt '15
Dr. Mark G. Shanley and Ms. Pamela J. Shanley
Ms. Deborah Grace Smiley
Mr. Alexander W. Smith '02
Mr. Bryan G. Smith
Mr. Yaman Y. Sokienah
Mr. John W. Sours '15
Mr. Lance W. Stafford
Dr. Heather Leigh Stark
Mr. Charlie William Steele '75 and Mrs. Patricia S. Black Steele
Mr. Jonathan D. Stoots '16
Ms. Elizabeth Parfitt Sullins
Ms. Emily F. Surface
Mr. Matthew Joseph Tankersley
Ms. Allecia P. Taylor
Mr. Thomas L. Tilley and Mrs. Betty R. Tilley*
Mr. Daniel L. Toothman
Ms. Dana Carlene Trask '11
Mrs. Bobbie Trask
Mr. Harrison Lee Vaughan
Ms. Macarena P. Villa
Mr. Jimmy R. Ward
Mrs. Bonnie Braa Warrington '72
Mr. Willis E. Watson and Mrs. Carolyn Kay Watson '67
Mr. Sean D. Webb '13
Ms. Mary R. Weeks '98
Ms. Monica M. Weinzapfel
Ms. Laura A. Weisz '15
Mr. Bradley Karl Wesseler '02 and Mrs. Denise Marie Goumenis '03
Ms. Tamara Whitlock
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Williams
Ms. Shannon L. Williams
Ms. Mary C. Williams
Mr. Shelton Wine and Mrs. Regenia Knupp Wine '69
Mrs. Melissa E. Wohlstein
Ms. Cari M. Wolfe
Ms. Chelsea R. Wood '16
Mr. Harvey L. Worley, Jr. and Mrs. Bettye Quinn Worley '61
Ms. Kalise Ann Wright
Mr. Phil Giordano and Mrs. Lynn Christine Hodges '87
Ms. Krista M. Zimmermann

* Deceased