World Dance: A Cultural Collaboration


by Brigitte Manga

Radford University Department of Dance is presenting “World Dance: A Cultural Collaboration,” an infusion of culturally intriguing folk dances Nov. 29, 2016, in Albig Studio Theatre, B112, Peters Hall on the Radford University campus. The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and is free to the general public. The cultural dances that are being performed are from the Dominican Republic, Germany, the Pacific Islands, China and Ireland.

The dance from the Dominican Republic is the traditional dance of “La Mangulina,” a prominent style of Dominican Folklorico in the southern section of the country. The music used sets a high spirited and colorful fiesta environment, which includes a huge assortment of instruments. One of the most important instruments used is the tambora, which is an African drum that guides the beat of the other instruments. “La Mangulina” features dancers wearing beautifully long, colorful skirts that are manipulated while dancing throughout the whole piece. This Dominican Folklorico involves quick waltz-like spins, along with a variety of quick and sassy forward and back stepping motions.

The German folk dance highlights community, positivity and family. The Rheinlander and a second lively, traditional German folk dance have been blended together showcasing these elements as well as upbeat music and engaging, intertwining movement.

The dancers presenting a folk dance from the Pacific Islands are performing a Hula Kahiko. The Hula Kahiko is an ancient style of hula that integrates traditional religion. This style is vigorous, which requires strength and agility. Ancient dances were performed to chanting or with traditional instruments.

The Chinese water sleeve dance features a unique costume with long sleeves, usually on a kimono, that are used as an extension of the dancer’s arm. The sleeves are moved in quivering, swooping, throwing and catching motions to evoke different moods and feelings.

Set to traditional Celtic music, one group will perform a lively variety of Ceili dances including “An Rince Mor,” “The Walls of Limerick,” and “St. Patrick's Day Ceili.” Featuring a combination of upbeat rhythms and traditional Irish footwork, the piece embodies a conglomerate of entertainment and tradition, which is exciting for all audiences.

The performance is free and open to the public. For more information, call 540-831-5286.

Nov 17, 2016